Ainsley Thornpoint

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Consort Ainsley Thornpoint
Faction : Thornpoint
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 10/22/1194 (Age: 27)
Gender : Other
Position : Consort
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Consort
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Thornpoint Crest.png

Ainsley is the sibling of Sage Nicoletta Thornpoint. Ainsley got an education that fits more towards higher end because Nicoletta insisted on it, even if it is not towards anything specific. Ainsley was content to go along with it, getting excess education did not bother them. Ainsley tends towards trying something new until they find something that fits what they are wanting to long term, even if they don't fully know what yet. During their late teens Ainsley met Lord/Lady Carmen Mithal and the two of them fell in love at first sight. It wasn't very long after they met, a couple months at best, that Ainsley became the Consort of Carmen and they have been together since.

RP Hooks
  • Consort: Ainsley is the Consort of Lord/Lady Carmen Mithal
  • Thornpoint: Ainsley is a Thornpoint, the sibling of Sage Nicoletta Thornpoint

This person has straight silvery-blonde hair that falls to just passed the ears. They have bronze hued skin and their eyes are a brilliant turquoise eyes. They are quite tall with a wiry figure. The wiry build draws eyes to the well toned muscles of the person.

They were a black silk jacket over a white silk button up shirt. Fastened by a brown leather belt is a pair of black silk pants and on their feet is a pair of black leather boots.


Ah, the wind, it may seem whimsical and not something many think they can control but Ainsley knows otherwise. They may not be able to master every aspect of the wind but their magical ability allows them to control hurricane levels of the wind and turn them into quite deadly 'blades'. Because these blades are wind it is not easy to spot the wind blades before they hit their mark. The down fall to this is that Ainsley very easily short on breath, even more so when they use their ability. They do not have the endurance to do anything that takes a lot of physical effort and skill, even if they trained for hours upon hours.


Ainsley is confident and self assured. They never doubt the actions they take, nor do they let people 'scare' them away from what they plan to do just because the consequences could not fall in their favor. Some call this confidence annoying and dislike Ainsley, others think it suits them. Except for those they care about Ainsley does not care what people think of them, to the point it can be a detriment to them.

  • Carmen (Consort): Ainsley is the Consort of Carmen which means Carmen is Ainsley's Consort. Ainsley loves Carmen with all their heart, which is no surprise as they wouldn't be Consorts if it wasn't for love.
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