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Courtesan Amahle Sunflower
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Faction : Courtesan
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 10/20/1192 (Age: 30)
Gender : Female
Position : Head Courtesan
Parent : Not Named
Parent : Not Named
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Courtesan Crest.png

Amahle is the twin sister of Regent Countess Drusilla Sunflower and the older sister of Cain Sunflower. Pritha, who passed on, is Amahle's older sister. Amahle was raised with a proper education for nobility until she decided, younger than typical, that she wanted to be a Courtesan. And so that is what she became, leaving her nobility behind her. Her training switched to being focused on how to be a Courtesan. She debuted the year she turned 18. Her Debut was held during the Festival of Devotion. After her Debut she rose through the ranks to eventually become the Second of the Head Courtesan. She believes she will be the next Head Courtesan.

RP Hooks
  • Head Courtesan: Amahle has been promoted to Head Courtesan with Hyssop's retirement.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Amahle lives in the Seat of the Gods, as expected of a Courtesan.
  • Selective Courtesan: As the Second in Command for the Courtesans Amahle rarely accepts people outside royalty as her client. Courtesans have always had the right to chose who they want as a client but it is when she became Second that Amahle make her focus on royalty for the majority of the time.
  • Sunflower Family: Amahle is a member of the Sunflowers, well formally as she gave up her nobility to be a Courtesan.

This woman is about 4'10" feet tall and she looks like she weighs no more than 100 pounds. Her milky white skin bears the ghostly quality that all people from Luminat have, which makes her seem even paler than she is. Even her floor-length curly, silvery-blond hair seems paler than it is. The lightness of her hair and skin make her violet eyes pop out, easily drawing focus to them. She has breasts on the slightly larger side with arms and legs that appear to be long and slender. Her waist is narrow and her backside is nicely shaped.

Her hair is pulled back into a braid that is woven with pale purple flowers. She has silver earrings that dangle pale heart shaped amethysts and the chain necklace she wears matches it. One wrist is home to a little charm bracelet and the other a chain bracelet that matches her necklace and earrings. Rings of varying styles adorn her fingers. Her face has touches of make up that serve to enhance her looks. An off the shoulder lavender hued woolen sweater dress hugs her figure, accenting just the right parts of her body, and comes to a stop at mid-thigh. A pair of black silk stockings, held up by garter belt straps, come to just past the knees. The final touch is a pair of black leather boots that come to a stop just below the knees. They have heels that are several inches tall.


Amahle is a woman who treasures beauty and her magic reflects that, in the form of growth for plant life. Vines and florals, sometimes herbs, are what she can grow. A floral seed could be planted and with some effort she can turn that seed into a beautiful blossom in a matter of seconds. She can do this to multiple seeds/plants at once. When she does this, though, she loses her vision temporarily. The more things she makes blossom the longer she can not see. She loses her sight for a minimum of three days. Unless what she grows is long lasting it can be a disappointment for her not to see what she blossomed.


Amahle is a gentle person who is confident in herself and what she can do. It is rare for her to lose her temper and common for her to be affectionate or flirty with even people she just met. She is very mindful of what she does for a living so it is rare for her to forget 'her place' or use the wrong forms of address for someone. She is in general friendly and cheerful but there is a refined quality to it.

  • Hyssop (Head Courtesan): Most Esteemed Hyssop is the head Courtesan.
  • Valeria (Beloved): Valeria is the Princess who won Amahle's Debut several years ago. They have been close for all that time. Valeria brings her gifts and visits her often. Amahle almost never refuses a request from Valeria and she doesn't really see her life without the princess in it in some form. The princess is one of the few people Amahle holds in very high regards and the Courtesan has had passing thoughts of retiring for her but has yet to actually do as such. It is unclear whether the thoughts will become reality or not.
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