Anjika Choisi

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Princess Anjika Choisi
Faction : Choisi
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 4/1/1204 (Age: 18)
Gender : Female
Position : Princess
Parent : Queen Missiah Choisi
Parent : Queen Ferah Choisi
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : ...
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Anjika was born a princess of the Choisi family. She is the third born and second daughter born to Queen Missiah and Queen Ferah. She has a twin sister, born after her named Princess Tayasiah. Her elder brother is Prince Caelan and her elder sister is Princess Kyrah. She had a pretty typical upbringing for her station. She is well versed in the proper social etiquette of a princess, even if, she has a tendency to shed that sort of thing off in private and with friends. It is very important to her to give respect to royalty, which may make her seem cold or stuck up in formal settings. Outside of those, she is warm, gregarious and prone to getting in trouble. The opposite of what she shows in formality.

Personality wise, she takes after her mother and older brother in being whimsical. Though she has had a top education, she doesn't possess the gift of much common sense, and is always looking for more fun to be had, which, often lands her in scrapes. She has a warm relationship with a family, which she puts above all else.

RP Hooks
  • Twin: She is the elder one, Princess Tayasiah is younger by a few moments. They are not identical.They are very close and frequently get into misadventures and mischief together.
  • Friendly: She is very friendly and is is easy to make friends with.
  • Has Bad Ideas: She sometimes has very fun but very bad ideas that may lead to mischief or misadventure.
  • Magic: Anjika has an affinity to divination magic and can make use of it to sense feelings and motivations of others.
  • Princess: She is the daughter of Queen Missiah and Queen Ferah Choisi. Her siblings include her twin, Princess Tayasiah, elder brother Prince Caelan and elder sister Princess Kyrah.

This woman is slender and stands tall at 5'1. As is typical for those of the kingdom Choisi, she has long slender and slightly pointed ears. Her ebony black hair is worn in a cascade of untamed tresses that fall down her shoulders and upper back, it contrasts to her green eyes. Her skin is fair, her face heart shaped. She has a dark beauty mark next to her right temple and a light dusting of freckles upon her cheek bones.


Anjika has an affinity to divination magic and can make use of it to sense feelings and motivations of others. When she uses the magic it will afterwards make the caster fall unconscious for a few hours.


Anjika is whimsical like her mother, but isn't very book smart. She sometimes lacks common sense, as well, which can sometimes land her in trouble. She is very friendly, and prone to flights of fancy. She can have a bad temper if someone upsets her or those she cares about. She is soft hearted and also loves animals. She has a pet cat (Belladonna, or Bella for short), a chipmunk (Chuk Chuk) and a lion cub (Hans).

  • Tayasiah (Sister): The Princess is her twin sister.
  • Caelan (Brother): The Prince is her older brother.
  • Kyrah (sister): The Princess is her older sister.
  • Missiah (Mother): The Queen is her mother.


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