Aspen Woodrow

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Aspen Woodrow
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 11/2/1204 (Age: 20)
Gender : Other
Position : Bishopess
Parent : Ethan Woodrow(Deceased) (Adopted Father) and Soleil (parental God)
Parent : Alison Woodrow (Deceased)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By : AI Creation

Aspen was born the only child of her parents Alison and Ethan Woodrow. As both her parents are part of the clergy, Aspen was raised among the Temples of the Gods. She spent most of her time among Ossian and Larthin, as those were the Gods' clergies Aspen's parents were part of. Aspen got an education based more towards her interests but still bore what a typical commoner would need. Before Aspen was even considered an adult, she showed an affinity with being able to connect the right people to what they wanted. It came as no surprise that Aspen decided to become a Matchmaker as soon as she could. Though, initially many expected that Aspen would become a part of the Clergy.

The Council of the Devoted some how figured out who Aspen was for they tried to kill Aspen by burning her house down when Aspen would not join them. Even if Aspen is a Child of Gods, the Council of the Devoted would not keep her around for possible future problems. This fire broke out in the middle of the residential district of Tranquil City. As the fire burned around her Aspen gave a tearful prayer to Soleil, as Soleil is known to be just, to save them and help Aspen get justice against the Council of the Devoted. Soleil, naturally, replied to the prayer and awoke their Child. The fire flared up and started to go wild as it burned around Aspen. Soleil stayed with Aspen, trying to protect their Child from the flames but even the God had their limit because, somehow, the Council of the Devoted made the fire so Soleil could not fully stand against it. Thankfully, the orb necklaces from Mataya that announce a Child of Gods that awake flared through out the city. The strength of those necklaces undoubted enhanced by the other six Gods for all of them could sense Soleil's struggle and Aspen's slowly giving into the fire's smoke and heat. Those with the necklace were all quick to arrive, bringing anyone they could to help put the fire out so they could save the God and Child.

Sadly, even though she had been saved, Aspen lost both her parents in the deadly fire. It would be a turning point for her in her life and the direction she would choose. After she recovered in Elysium Aspen decided to join the clergy, a desire to follow in her parent's footsteps and having personally witnessed how far her Godly parent would go for her, of Soleil. Considering she received plenty of education towards being clergy due to her parents both being part of it, she didn't stay an Acolyte for too long. She was promoted to Bishopess quite quickly due to the fact of who her parents were and because of her being Soleil's Child. She proved not to lack as Clergy as well.

RP Hooks
  • Child Of Gods: Aspen is a Child of Gods.
  • Commoner: Aspen is a commoner who is considered part of the middle class.
  • Matchmaker: Aspen is a Matchmaker who is well connected.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Aspen is from the Seat of the Gods, born and raised.
  • Soleil's Child: Aspen is Soleil's Child.
  • Soleil's Clergy: Aspen is part of Soleil's Clergy
  • Bishop: Aspen is a bishop of Soleil's clergy and was raised to one quite quickly.

This woman has a willowy and decently tall frame that gives a clear indication she is female, even if it is in a subtle way. Her features have an aristocratic look to them with blue eyes that stand out against her fair skin. Her wavy strawberry-blond hair falls well past her shoulders, often contained in a tight braid. She wears a variety of colors and styles that compliment her features. Even her accessories are designed to enhance.


Aspen can heal a person with her touch. Once she touches a person who is physically hurt a warmth spreads through the person, almost like a fire offering heat, and slowly heals them. It doesn’t usually take much longer than a few minutes unless the wound is very severe. She can heal any wounds unless they are fatal. Though, once she fully stops using her magic her hands become paralyzed and she can do little to nothing with them for, at least, a day. The more severely a person is hurt, the longer it takes for Aspen to get function back into her hands.


Aspen is a young woman who is a mix of friendly and serious. She strives to keep a perfect balance of both so that she is taken seriously, but also not viewed as cold. She invests a lot of her emotions and political knowledge into people because she wants to do her job to the best of her capabilities. Sometimes, Aspen can get too invested in the people and families she deals with, previously as a matchmaker and now as a member of the clergy. Aspen tries to fit in with all parts of society so that She may do her job better. She doesn’t always succeed at this. She despises being lied too, tricked, etc., especially since it can affect alliances she has made.

  • Amahle (Mentor): Aspen got many of her social skills taught to them by Amahle and often goes to Amahle to find out opinions about her clients from her. After all, she is a Courtesan and one of the highest ranked ones.
  • Elena (Client): Aspen has made matches for some of Elena's family.
  • Jaden (Client): Aspen has made matches for some of Jaden's family.
  • Kalei (Founder): Kalei was one of the people that found Aspen when they were woken.
  • Kalem (Client): Aspen has made matches for some of Kalem's family.
  • Missiah (Client): Aspen has made matches for some of Missiah's family.
  • Ren (Founder): Ren was one of the people that found Aspen when they were woken.
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