Berilys Fielding

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Mistress Berilys Fielding
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 8/23/1192 (Age: 30)
Gender : female
Position : Healer
Parent : Fergus Fielding
Parent : Jamala Fielding
Status : unmarried
Children : none
Portrayed By : Marina Ruy Barbosa

Born as the daughter of a carpenter and his wife in Starfall City, the capital of the Divinus Kingdom, Berilys grew up as the youngest of two sisters. Her older sister Nerilys followed in her father's footsteps and started working at his shop as his assistant. But Berilys had different interests and sought training as a healer and herbalist. She became the student of Master Gergion, spending a few years in his service. Upon completing her studies, she left Starfall and travelled through the Divinus Kingdom until she reached the Seat of the Gods. And it is there that she has opened her own shop, about five years ago, working as a healer and selling herbs.

RP Hooks
  • Healer: She can treat wounds and illnesses.
  • Native Divinese: Born and raised in Starfall City, before relocating to the Seat of the Gods.

This woman is about thirty years old. She has intelligent hazel-brown eyes and long auburn hair, left to hang open apart from a few small braids. Her slender form is clad in a plain shirt of rough spun cotton and skirts of dark blue color. Above the shirt she wears a bodice crafted from pieces of leather that have been sewn together. There is a small bag with healing utensils that hangs from her belt.


Berilys has an affinity to dark magic and can make use of it to hide in the shadows. When she uses the magic it will afterwards cause a temporary loss of hearing. The duration of her deaf state will have to be determined through a roll of a 6-sided die, the result being the number of days this impairment will last.


She is of quiet and friendly determination, guided by her intention to help others. There is a certain refusal of using weapons against others, as she has seen the immediate results of combat all too often. And while condemning all sorts of violence, she will not refuse her aid even towards those who have harmed others.

Roleplay Logs