Cain Floragrove

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Captain Cain Floragrove
Faction : Guard
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 7/22/1195 (Age: 27)
Gender : Male
Position : Captain
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Floragrove Crest.png

Cain is part of the Sunflower County of the Luminat Kindom and has 3 siblings. He was given an education fit for a noble, with favored to skills involving military as that is what he expressed liking. Countess Pritha passed on in the year of 1217, much to Cain's dismay. He gets protective of Lady Dema, the child of Pritha and the heir to the County as well as all of his family. Cain was suggested to Regent for Dema until she came of age but he felt his sister Drusilla would be better choice. Besides, he wanted to be a Guard and not have his family lacking in a leader because he would rather do Guard things. He has been in the Guard since he became an adult. Cain married into the Floragrove family, he is a little annoyed when Drusilla married him out but he understood that duty is duty.

RP Hooks
  • Guard: Cain is a member of the Luminat Guard.
  • Luminat: Cain is of the Luminat nobility.
  • Military: Cain is a military man.
  • Sunflower: Cain is a member of the Sunflower family.
  • Floragrove Family: Cain married into the Floragrove family.

Cain is a tall and muscular man. His raven black hair is cut very short, his eyes are silver, and his skin is fair. As is typical from those of the Luminat kingdom everything about this broadly built man seems pale, ghostly. It doesn't take from the pretty obvious strength this man has.

He wears a military jack of a blue hue over a red button up shirt. His pants are the same blue as the jacket and on his feet are a pair of black ankle boots. He has added a blue military hat with red accents to his outfit. He wears no jewelry.


Cain can create a protective barrier around those he choses, though, they need to be close together for it to be truly effective. It is near impossible to break this barrier. It doesn't fall until he does. People in the barrier can attack out of it. However, as all magic comes with a price, each time the barrier is hit Cain is hurt. The harder someone hits the barrier, the more he is hurt. This is, of course, on top of normal combat damage he takes.


Cain is a person that works as hard as he plays. He can be loud and annoyingly chipper. He is, though, hard to dislike because he is also a genuinely nice person. Cain gets tunnel vision when he is solving or doing something, making it very hard to get him to expand his view when he's decided he is right. He likes to go to places and have fun, oftenit is a tavern or a gambling house.

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