Carmen Mithal

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Lord/Lady Carmen Mithal
Faction : Mithal
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 7/5/1189 (Age: 33)
Gender : Other
Position : Lord/Lady
Parent : Rene Mithal
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Consort
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Mithal Crest.png

Carmen had a typical upbringing of a noble that is born to the Mithal family, with focus on things that seem to interest them. As Carmen is not close to inheriting the title of the Duchy they were not in as much pressure as the mainline of the family. Carmen met Ainsley one day and it was basically love at first sight. They spent a lot of time together before Carmen asked Ainsley to be their Consort. They have been together since.

RP Hooks
  • Mithal: Carmen is a member of the Mithal Family.
  • Nobility: Carmen is a noble and follows at that comes with it.

This slender person is six feet tall and has a finely toned body. Their silvery-blonde hair is cut in a pixy style and frames their face. Their light skin makes their emerald-green eyes stand out quite beautifully.

They were a pink floral printed sundress with a wide brimmed straw hat on their head. On their feet is a pair of white sandals.


Carmen knows the truth about people pretty easily. They can tell when a person is lying and when they are trying to hide who they are. Lying to Carmen is next to impossible because their ability doesn't allow people to hide the truth, no matter how painful it might be. This has made it very hard for Carmen to care and trust people, partly because of the truths they see and partly because their truth seeking ability slowly erodes the desire to care and trust.


Carmen is quiet, serious and can seem very cold to most people but the few that get past their barrier get to see the softer side of Carmen. Carmen comments any task they take on, unless they are fond of the person it is done with the most minimum of efforts and no extras, nor anything missed, is done. Carmen is a person who keeps their promise but doesn't go above and beyond to keep said promise. They merely just don't like feeling like they own someone a debt, be it how Carmen perceives it to be one or an actual debt.

  • Ainsley (Consort): Carmen is Ainsley's Consort and Ainsley is Carmen's Consort. They are very much in love and there is nothing Carmen wouldn't do for Ainsley.
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