Castiel Choisi

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Prince Castiel Choisi
Faction : Choisi
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 3/19/1197 (Age: 26)
Gender : Male
Position : Prince
Parent : Queen Missiah Choisi
Parent : Queen Ferah Choisi
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Choisi Crest.png

Castiel is a Prince of Choisi Kingdom and a child of Queen Missiah. He was given an education fit for a prince and it was based around his personal interests along with what a prince 'should know'. He has not yet married and has no children, currently.

RP Hooks
  • Choisi Family: Castiel is a member of the Choisi Family.
  • Choisi Kingdom: Castiel is a member of the Choisi Kingdom.
  • Lay-About: Castiel prefers to lazy about and only do what work he must and nothing extra.
  • Love Of Courtesans: Castiel quite enjoys the company of Courtesans, no matter what it is they are doing. He will rarely go to an event without one on his arm.
  • Prince Of Choisi: Castiel is a Choisian Prince.

This man has a slender build and is roughly at average height for a Choisian man. He has subtle traces of muscle but mostly has the appeal of a man who is not built for strength. His taupe hued skin brings out his silver eyes and compliments his dark brown hair. Peeping out of his hair are long, slender ears with a slight point to them.

He wears light blue silk tunic over a pair of green silk pants. On his feet are a pair of leather shoes. He wears no jewelry.


Castiel is capable of opening a gate to a location he has been to, at least, once. He merely has to think of the place. Though, this does not always mean that the people will be teleported to a safe spot. Anyone he permits can walk through that gate, and only those he allows, to the destination intended. Castiel can only open the gate when he sacrifices something important to him. It can be anything of personal value: his blood, one of his emotions, an item he holds dear, a beloved animal, whatever he considers of personal value. The more valuable he considers something, the longer the gate will stay open.


Castiel is mostly a lay-about. He doesn't shirk his duties as a prince but he also doesn't put himself out there to be given anything beyond what is necessary for him to do. He likes to spend most of his time partying and visiting Courtesans. He constantly switches between being very selfish and very charming. His interests constantly change as he does enjoy trying new things, mostly things that don't require much effort or thought on his part.

  • Anjika (Sibling): Anjika is Castiel's sister.
  • Caelan (Sibling): Caelan is Castiel's brother.
  • Kyrah (Sibling): Kyrah is Castiel's sister.
  • Missiah (Parent): Missiah is Castiel's mother.
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