Daria Darkwater

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Daria Darkwater
Daria Darkwater.jpg
Faction : Guard
Kingdom : Luminat
Birthdate : 1/5/1194 (Age: 28)
Gender : female
Position : Guard
Mother : <mother>
Father : <father>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By : Amy Adams
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Daria is of the Darkwater family and hails from the Luminat kingdom. She has had a typical upbringing and has been trained in martial skills, perception and etiquette. Daria grew up as the youngest of 3 siblings and has a brother and a sister. Daria's parents are still healthy and alive. She is a guardswoman in service of the Luminat Family and serves at the Luminat seat in Tranquil City.

She is of goodnatured disposition and well-liked among her guard comrades. She is not averse to going to taverns for a drink and a gamble in her free time.

RP Hooks
  • Guard: She is a guard in service of the Luminat family, working at the Luminat seat in Tranquil City.
  • Hobbyist Gambler: In her spare time, Daria likes visiting the taverns with her compatriots, for a drink or a game of dice or cards.

This woman is muscular and stands tall at 5'8". As is typical for those of the kingdom Luminat, she has a pale complexion and an almost ghostly air about her. Her red-blonde hair is worn in a cascade of untamed curls that falls down her shoulders and upper back, it contrasts to her sea-blue eyes.

She is clad in chainmail and a tabard showing off the black and white colors of House Luminat. As would be expected from someone of martial profession, she wears a sword at her belt. When on duty, she can be seen wielding a spear as well.


Daria has an affinity to shapeshifter magic and can make use of it to turn herself into a falcon. Whenever she uses the magic it will afterwards cause a state of high fever that will last a few days.


Pleasant and kind is the disposition of Daria, a lightness there in the bearing that can comfort and appease others. It comes with a certain amount of trust in people and fate in general, a confidence that everything will turn out right eventually.



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