Derek Goldswyft

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Master Derek Goldswyft
Derek 01.jpg
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 4/27/1174 (Age: 48)
Gender : male
Position : Merchant
Parent : Joffrey Goldswyft
Parent : Iris Goldswyft
Status : Married to Angela
Children : Two sons, a daughter, Alice
Portrayed By : Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Derek's mother was of Divinese origin and married into the Goldswyft family. It is from her that he learned a bit of Divinese, even if the common language would be his most fluent language. Derek's older brother was of frail health, and so it happened that Derek was brought up to take over the family business. The Goldswyfts are an established merchant family in Tranquil City, and it is quite the feat that the business managed to flourish even through harder times. Master Derek Goldswyft is well-liked and influential in the city for a man of his station.

At the age of twenty, he wed the daughter of a rival family, the Brookes. What started as a strategic move to further his family's interests turned soon into love. Angela bore him four children, all of which are grown up by now. Two sons and two daughters, with the youngest daughter Alice devoting herself to an upcoming career as courtesan of the Siren's Song.

RP Hooks
  • In The Loop: Looking for gossip? The latest news? A merchant hears many things from different sources.
  • Merchant: Are you in search for something, or do you want to establish trade connections? Then Derek is your man.
  • Potential Father-In-Law: Derek has two sons and two daughters, three of his children are eligible for marriage. He can provide an adequate dowry, being quite wealthy as he is.

Dark eyebrows arch above a pair of intelligent brown eyes, and while the years have left their mark on this man's face, it is the goodnatured laugh that often leaves the depth of his lungs in a low grumble that betrays a certain sense of humour. His hair is dark, and slightly greying in places, as is his scruffy beard. The merchant is clad in fine clothes befitting a successful entrepreneur - not too fine as to challenge those of higher station, but fine nonetheless.


Derek has an affinity to shapeshifter magic and can make use of it to turn himself into a mouse. When he uses the magic it will afterwards cause nausea and a feeling of dizziness.


One must be cunning and in the loop of things to be effective as a merchant. This is why Derek Goldswyft often appears to be a bit restless and concerned about his business. On the other hand, he has a caring side, is happily married with a loving wife and has been blessed with four children who are meanwhile grownup. So, one could say that there are two sides to Master Derek; the business side and the private side. The former makes him cautious towards strangers, the latter grants him the strength to carry on with his business.

  • Alice (Daughter): Derek adores his youngest and only reluctantly agreed to send her to the courtesan academy. He supports her choice in life though and is very proud of her.
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