Derry Mountainwind

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Lord Derry Mountainwind
Faction : Mountainwind
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 11/24/1182 (Age: 40)
Gender : Male
Position : Lord
Parent : Delillah Mountainwind
Parent : Naomi Mountainwind
Status : Married
Children : Several
Portrayed By :
Mountainwind Crest.png

Derry is the sibling of Xena Mountainwind, the former Marchioness of the Mountainwinds and the child of Naomi and Delilah Mountainwind. Outside Xena Derry has 3 siblings, one being Andred, who is now a Prince of Divinus Kingdom. He was raised to be a fighter, as all Mountainwinds are, but his battleground of choice is the social setting and his education reflected that being his preference. During his life Derry and Kiran were wed to each other and they had several children.

RP Hooks

Derry is a decently tall man who has a wiry frame. The strength he holds is subtle, and not a huge amount. He has mahogany hued skin and red-blonde hair that is slightly curly and his grey eyes stand out against his skin.

Derry wears a bright yellow gown with a light brown over gown that is designed to maximize his shape and appeal. His chosen jewelry matches the outfit well, as does his like brown shoes.


Derry can teleport a person to a location he has once been too. He has to be able to see the person, however, or he can't teleport them. Teleporting someone might not always be the safest because the layout of the place he's been could have changed so where he thinks is 'safe' might not be but generally he picks a location that is safe. Each person Derry teleports drains his energy, so the more he teleports, the warier he gets. The further he teleports someone drains even more of his energy. So, if he teleports a lot of people he passes out from exhaustion and could potentially use so much of his energy that he dies.


Catching Derry off guard in a social setting is very hard to do, typically only Courtesans can. He can generally read a social situation and match how he behaves to what is expected. This makes it hard to tell what he is truly like, because with each person he behaves as he perceives them to want for someone around them. One minute he can be tossing back alcoholic drinks like they are water and the next minute discussing the political issues in Atharia. Derry isn't even certain /he/ knows what he is truly like.

  • Kiran (Spouse): Derry and Kiran were politically married. Together they have children.
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