Desi Kelsey

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Acolyte Desi Kelsey
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 8/13/1202 (Age: 23)
Gender : female
Position : Acolyte
Parent : <parent>
Parent : <parent>
Status : <marital status>
Children : <children>
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

Desi is an orphan, at least as far as she knows, who was raised in an orphanage with a kind elderly lady running it. Anita, the orphanage runner, did her best to assure all the children got an education. Desi was average at what she was taught unless it was a craft or related to religion. When Desi became an adult, she made the choice to join the clergy. Initially she was an Acolyte to Attia but when Masquerade was discovered Desi made the choice to join that clergy. She prayed to Attia for forgiveness and explained her stance to Attia's clergy. As expected from the Clergy of the God who takes away the pain, they easily agreed after seeing the bad feels people had about it. She has been part of Masquerade's Clergy since.

RP Hooks

This little acolyte is slightly on the heavier, yet an hourglass figure can be seen, side but in such a way that she gives a grandmotherly feel, despite still being young. She looks to be a little over five feet and weights over 100 pounds. Her long, curly, black hair falls to her waist and brings out the dark tones of her skin. Her eyes contract beautifully with her darker features by being a brilliant blue.

She wears lavender hued robes that always has the scent of lavenders over a white dress embroidered with lavenders. Her hair is swept back into a messy bun and n her feet are a pair of white leather shoes. Her accessories compliment her and her outfit well.


When Desi uses her magic, she can create illusions. The illusions she creates is based on what it is she is doing. If she is trying to guide someone, as Masquerade's clergy does, Desi unintentionally, sometimes intentionally, connects to them and brings out what the person is facing and trying to decide what to do. Desi uses her style of illusions to guide people more than she doesn't. When Desi uses her magic, she can often lose her sense of reality and become uncertain what is the illusion is and what is reality. The longer she holds her illusions, the more she loses her sense of reality. It takes her quite a long time to make the divide again.


Desi is a calm and collected person who strives to help who she can. She tends to get far too attached to those she has helped. She invests a lot of herself into making sure they become who they need to be. It is hard to rattle her but when Desi is rattled it is quite a sight. Desi is easily scared, although, she tries to hide it.

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