Elena Divinus

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Queen Elena Divinus
Elena Divinus.jpg
Faction : Divinus
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 4/23/1171 (Age: 51)
Gender : female
Position : Queen
Mother : <mother>
Father : <father>
Status : widow
Children : Taya, Sultana and others
Portrayed By : Jodhi May
Divinus Crest.png

Elena was one of the original rulers of Atharia when the humans were created. Her brothers, Kalem and Jaden, and her sister Missiah were also original rulers. They lead the people before and after they were cursed. When the Curse was placed upon them and Elena and her siblings could not come to an agreement to how to break the Curse and split, she decided to travel to the mountains, along with her followers, to build her new kingdom. She believes that to break the Curse one needs to start over. After her kingdom was established Elena married Arthur and with him several children were had and from them grandchildren. Unfortunately, her husband, King Arthur Divinus died a few years ago. Since then she has ruled over the Divinus Kingdom and has been teaching and training her daughter, Princess Taya to one day become the next queen.

RP Hooks
  • Queen of Divinus: This is an NPC. If you need a scene with Elena, please contact Ceres.

This woman is in her early fifties. She has a rare sort of beauty to her, proud and unbending despite being of slender built. As is typical for those of the kingdom Divinus, she has a certain glow to her skin. Her mahogany colored hair is worn with the upper portion worked into intricate braids and the lower part falling freely, it contrasts to her hazel brown eyes.

The Queen of the Divinus Kingdom is clad in a dress with a heart-shaped neckline of fuchsia colored satin. It has wide skirts, dark blue embroidered sleeves and is of courtly fashion. A slender crown sits upon her head and she wears it with pride.


Forming and creating from stone, from pure rock. Carving anything, from passages, to elaborate halls such as the famed Starfall City. This is Queen Elena's gift as well as it is her curse. Creating a refuge for her people to live in is so similar to withdrawing into her innermost self, protected by the strong walls of her personality. Each time Elena has used this magic, it has removed her further from her people, which sometimes makes her appear cold and distant, as a person. Losing oneself in the twisted tunnels of a strong fortress is easy, and thus Elena has lost some of the gift of human warmth and emotions through her previous uses of her magic.


This Queen is proud, determined, as strong as the rock of the mountains that her kingdom was built into and upon. With a vision for her people, on how they can survive, she is not easily discouraged. On the contrary, her faith in the future is unparalleled. If there is a way, she is certain to find it, even if it might mean starting all over again.

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