Emilian Windsong

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Marquess Emilian Windsong
Faction : Windsong
Kingdom : Santua
Birthdate : 12/1/1165 (Age: 56)
Gender : Male
Position : Marquess
Parent : Unnamed
Parent : Unnamed
Status : Married
Children : Yes
Portrayed By :
Windsong Crest.png

Emilian was raised by loving parents who always assured their children got what they needed and then some. Emilian is one of the four children his parents had. His education was focused on scholarly related things. Emilian's efforts had him given a March by King Kalem Santua. At some point Emilian in his twenties got into a political marriage with Emma and has been with her since. They have had 3 children throughout their marriage.

RP Hooks
  • March: Emilian is the Marquess of the Windsong March
  • Santua: Emilian is a citizen of the Santua Kingdom.
  • Scholar: Emilian is a scholar who is always interested in learning.
  • Windsong: Emilian is a member of the Windsong family.

Emilian is above six feet tall and has straight red hair that has silver throughout it. His dark green skin brings out the red of his hair and the amber of his eyes. He has a slender build that can draw the eye to him.

He wears a pair of glasses perched on his nose and wears a silk light cyan robe over a silk red shirt and black silk pants. On his feet are a pair of brown leather shoes.


Emilian has the ability to control light. It is not particularly offensive or defensive but it does have a lot of utility as he darken or brighten an area when he activates the ability. The more effort he puts into lighting or darkening an area the more range he has with this ability. The downside to his magic is that it knocks him out when he stops using it and he can't be woken up for a varying amount of time. How long he is knocked out depends on how long he used the magic for and how much effort he put into it. The shortest time he is knocked out is 30 minutes.


Emilian prefers to use his intellect to solve problems that arrives over any other means. He firmly believes that if his mind can't solve it, he is failing as a scholarly type. He is very hard to get riled up, as he doesn't think anger solves anything, and he analyzes everything in order to utilize his intellect to the best of his capabilities.

  • Emma (Spouse): Emilian is a bit indifferent towards his wife. He doesn't hate or he just doesn't feel anything beyond mild affection. They were married for political gains and both him and Emma seem okay with that.
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