Emory Harrison

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Courtesan Emory Harrison
Faction : Courtesan
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 7/22/1192 (Age: 30)
Gender : Male
Position : Courtesan
Parent : Skyler Erickson
Parent : Ashley Harrison (Died in childbirth)
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :
Courtesan Crest.png

Emory is the son of Skyler and Ashley Harrison, their own child. Ashley died giving birth to Emory. Emory had a childhood that was pretty strict and rule heavy, as that is the way Skyler is and he accepted that about his parent. With such an upbringing one would think Emory would despise his parent or went down the line of being a person on the bad side but instead he became a Courtesan, with the blessing of his parent, and is a fun loving man. He spent much of his time learning various things relating to being the social guru that Courtesans are. He has stayed a Courtesan so far. He aspires to be the next Head Courtesan.

RP Hooks
  • Courtesan: Emory is a courtesan with aspirations to become the next Head Courtesan.
  • Seat of the Gods: Emory was born in the Seat of the Gods.

This man has a relatively tall frame that is alluringly lean with subtle hints of muscle. His black hair has a 'messy' look to it, no doubt carefully cultivated. He has cobalt-blue eyes and a naturally tanned hue to his skin. Everything about the man is lean and makes him appear even taller than he is, especially with how he carries himself.

This man has a gold hoop in one of his ears and a subtle hint of make up to highlight his features so eyes are drawn to him even more. He wears a sheer button up, short-sleeved dark blue shirt that is left open to expose a good amount f his chest. A gold necklace with a round sapphire rests against his chest. Black, skin tight, leather pants are secured to his waist by a brown belt and they cling tightly to his legs. On his feet are a pair of brown leather ankle boots.


Emotions, that is what Emory can affect with his ability. When someone is sad he can slowly change their feelings. It is never abruptly but a gradual change, like it is natural. He touches a hand in a smoothing matter and the person might find their hurt feelings turn to a warm feeling. However, when Emory uses this ability he loses his own emotions. IF he gives happiness he starts to lose any real feelings of happiness. If he turns someone's feelings to anger, he starts to be incapable of expressing anger. The more he does his ability, the less he feels. To affect someone's emotions Emory must make a roll of: +roll emory=Presence-2 vs <Target>=Composure+1 (Emory is at a disadvantage when he does this on a PC).


Emory is a flirty and playful man. He's always out for a good time, to the point he takes little seriously. This nature makes him a good companion to have in settings were a person doesn't need to be all that serious. He can draw most people in with his sunny disposition. He might be a very skilled socialite type but when it comes to matters of a more serious nature he is not the first choice. He uses humor or a happy smile to try to solve even the most stressful of situations. It's not that he can't be serious it just doesn't feel right to handle matters in a serious way to him.

  • Skyler (Parent): Skyler is Emory's parent. He switches between calling them 'mom' and 'dad'. He might be basically the opposite of Skyler but he loves them very much.
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