Estefania Gallant

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Lady Estefania Gallant
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Faction : Gallant
Kingdom : Choisi
Birthdate : 10/15/1200 (Age: 21)
Gender : female
Position : Lady
Mother : Lady Elizabeth Gallant
Father : Lord Eugene Gallant
Status : unwed
Children : None
Portrayed By : Kandyse McClure
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Born into the main line of House Gallant, as the third of the triplets to the ducal heiress Elizabeth Gallant and her husband Eugene, Estefania enjoyed a sheltered and yet ambitious upbringing of a noble lady, with an education focusing on courtly etiquette as well as on accomplishment in at least one acceptable ladylike hobby. It is her voice that received some training, pleasant both in speech and song, and is has granted her momentary spotlight more than once.

She is fond of her family, her siblings in particular, supportive even of the youngest sister Oksana, the upcoming debutante courtesan. This may be the reason for her leaving the ducal home at Oceanguard City, seeking out the family residence at Tranquil City in the Seat of the Gods - just in time for the debut of her sister, but also to make new contacts and also meet with members of the other kingdoms.

RP Hooks
  • Beautiful Voice: It is talent paired with training that makes her an occasional performer at soirées, should she feel inclined.
  • Gallant Duchy: She is one of the triplets that were born to the duchess heiress. Her brother Gavin is the heir's heir. Estefania has two younger siblings.
  • Wanderer: She can be found wandering in the countryside at times.
  • Water Enthusiast: Anything about water fascinates her, from plants growing there to fish in their various forms and other living things within the water. She can be often encountered where water is not far, such as on a beach by the sea or at a lake.

This woman is slender and of pleasant curvature, she stands tall at 5'2". As is typical for those of the kingdom Choisi, she has long slender and slightly pointed ears. Her dark-brown hair is worn with the upper portion worked into intricate braids and the lower part falling freely, it complements her flawless brown skin and glittering hazel eyes.

She is clad in a gown of amber satin that charms her physique as well as it accentuates it. Long layered skirts with dark floral embroideries swirl and shift around her as she moves with elegant grace, arms are covered by dark brown sleeves with golden ornaments, while her torso is wrapped into a bodice of courtly fashion that stresses her station and beauty in a tasteful manner.


Estefania has an affinity to water magic and can make use of it to breathe underwater. When she uses the magic it will afterwards cause a slight headache that will grow stronger with each use.


Kind of heart, when it comes to small animals and birds, but observant and cunning, when it is about pursuing her family's interests, is Lady Estefania of House Gallant. With the playfulness of youth coloring her natural charm, she is seeking to find her way in the twisted hallways and corridors of courtly intrigue, knowing that a smile will sometimes get her further than open confrontation.

  • Oksana (sister): My younger sister. I adore her and I'm so proud of the path that has been chosen for her.
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