Etienne Sweetsong

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Mistress Etienne Sweetsong
Faction : Commoner
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 10/25/1200 (Age: 22)
Gender : Female
Position : Singer
Parent : Not Named and Deceased.
Parent : Not Named and Deceased.
Status : Single
Children : None
Portrayed By :

Etienne was raised by the Temples, she doesn't call any particular one 'home' as she always travelled between them all for as long as she remembers. She lost her family when she was six and as far as she knows no one survived but that doesn't stop her from looking just in case. She decided to give herself the last name of 'Sweetsong'. She loves to sing in the Temples best and always raises her voice to the Gods before anyone else. Even at a young age Etienne had proven that her voice was exceptional so it comes as no surprise that she rose up to be one of the most famous people in Atharia.

RP Hooks
  • Commoner: Etienne was born a commoner.
  • Famous: Etienne is a world famous singer. It is unlikely that anyone in Atharia doesn't know who she is. She is highly sought after, especially by the royals, for her singing capabilities.
  • Seat Of The Gods: Etienne was born the Seat of the Gods and has lived in Tranquil City all her life.
  • Traveler: Etienne travels the world, for those that desire to hire her or to let her music reach more people.

Etienne is on the shorter side at 5'3. Her petite frame is quite shapely, curves pronounced in all the right places. Her features, from her alabaster skin to the light blue of her eyes are what is commonly called stunning and unrivalled. Even her curly, red-blond hair enhances this notion. By almost anyone's standards, Etienne would be considered beautiful.

Etienne has her hair pulled back into a beautiful French braid that are accented with little baby's breathe flowers. She wears platinum and rub chandelier earrings that have a three tiered necklace and delicate bracelets to match. She wears a crimson halter dress that draws the eyes to her figure. It cinches in at the waist so the skirt of it has a flare. Black, open toed, heels are the final touch to this outfit.


Etienne has a naturally beautiful voice that draws people in. However, when she enhances it with her magic it can captivate even the Gods. When she sings, or even talks, it is almost impossible not to stop and listen to her. She doesn't often need to enhance her voice with magic but when she does she has nightmares once she rests. The longer she enhances her voice, the more frequent these nightmares are. They are also extremely realistic, so it can often make her think it truly happened.


Etienne is a charismatic and charming person. She is a capable person that devotes herself to her goals in life. She can generally sweet talk people into doing anything she wants. When some people reach for what is in front of them Etienne goes for the stars. She loves people, at least as far as the world knows, and is confident in herself.

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