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Arion makes an appearance in Mataya's temple to have a chat with Ozymandias. Mataya shows up.  
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IC Date
December 12 1222, 19:25  
Date of RP
Sun Dec 12 19:25:44 2021  
House of God Mataya - Temple District  
Room Desc
The House of Goddess Mataya has a domed glass roof that allows for the sky to be clearly seen. Shimmering droplet crystals on various length of chains of silver that they dangle from the domed roof at random intervals. The inside of the temple has light that is no doubt a blessing from Mataya for it never hinders the view outside the temple, no matter the time of day. However, the light is placed and designed in such a way it causes the little crystals to cast rainbows all about the temple. Draping the walls are crimson silk sheets, acting as a contrast to the white marble floors. The central point of the room has a statue of a woman that is dressed in a crimson outfit with her arms curled protectively around a sphere that has faces carved into it. Her head is tilted up and her expression shows a mix of sorrow and hope. The seating available scatters about the room, placing no specific location for the clergy of the House of God Mataya to speak their word, unsurprising since not many of them spend a lot of time speaking.  

The temple of Mataya.

A pinnacle of temples, and run with a warm heart by Archbishop Ozymandias Tepes. Dressed in his flowing robes of red, he appears to have just finished wiping the tears of a child who had experienced bullying. The brutes had followed the child to this place looking for trouble, and word is that lightning struck nearby. The brutes ran, the child comforted.

He sends the young girl off to her mother and father, and stands tall with a smile on his face, waving as they went. "Mataya bless you on your journey."

Then he walks through the temple to Mataya's statue as silence falls upon the temple. "My lady, I fall before your compassion, and every kindness I give to others is to repay every kindness you have given to me. Wise Mataya, great mother, continue to guide me on my path. I am your humble servant."

He continues his prayers, even as other attendants come and go as they please. Of all things, he is adamant of his wishes to honor the gods above all.

Nothing immediately happens when Ozymandias says his prayer, but there slowly seems to be this build-up around the temple of Mataya. It's not all at once, but there is a slowly growing scent of more natural smells. Then there comes the sound of hooves echoing off the floor of the Temple and the figure of a centaur appears within the Temple.

From the waist up, Arion is a muscular man with a silken green vest that barely covers his chest and leaves his arms bare. Dark hair and dark eyes stare at the figure of Mataya's Archbishop with an expression that isn't unkind, but it does not share the open warmth and kindness that his twin sister might share.

"Archbishop." He says, his voice is deep and the echo seems to rumble throughout the temple. "Seeking guidance down a path." The words are spoken more to himself than to Ozymandias. "I suppose my own priesthood may feel twinges of jealousy with this." He rolls his shoulders, not seeming to mind this fact. "However, if it is guidance you seek perhaps I can provide a word or two for you."

The scents...the sounds. It's nearly overwhelming. It's as if he was transported from halls of stone into a dense forest, teeming with life of all sizes and complexities. His eyes open, and suddenly, the God Arion is there, and Ozymandias is aware of whom he doth speak to. He doesn't acknowledge him as anything less.

Ozymandias looks at the man and falls to knees to pay reverence to the brother of Mataya. "Arion, lord of nature, the great Druid, you grace and honor me with your presence." Of all the deities, Ozymandias did not think he'd get to meet Arion!

"I am grateful for your counsel, life-tamer. I have spoken to Mataya on many occasions, yet I find myself in ever wonder. I have been gifted with power, yet I feel as if I must use it for the betterment of all. A destiny approaches, yet the way is foggy...I wish to see what lies beyond the great ocean. What dangers rest there that I may calm so others will be able to walk the paved road?"

"Yes, Mataya does speak well of you." Arion says, his tone neutral, as if the god were just stating something of fact. He doesn't seem to be pleased, or displeased, by Ozymandias' affectations, he just offers a slight nod. "I cannot tell you what lies beyond, nor can I tell you what dangers you may face. To tell you would be to diminish your role in what is to come. Be a guiding voice for those who are about to embark upon expeditions of this world, go and seak the Prince, the Princess, the Lord and the Sage. Join them and seek what there is to find on this journey."

He pauses for a moment and tilts his head. His eyes move past the Archbishop and as if seeing something beyond the temple he says, "What you will find should be of interest to Mataya, I will tell you that much." His gazes returns to the man. "Perhaps you can use that to raise a clarion call to inspire the others, perhaps not." The corners of his lips twitch upwards slightly. "Succeed in this, and there might be more tasks to follow. Show us your mettle, your resolve." He waves a hand, the last words indicating all of the gods and not just himself.

"I am glad that she speaks fondly of me, for I ever try to be a faithful servant for her." Ozymandias states with a wide smile, looking pleased. Though the words spoken seem to pique his interest. To know early would diminish his role in the days to come. To learn on his own would elevate him in some way in the eyes of the Gods, all of them it would appear. But the figures therein that are named are heeded.

"I will do so. I will find these people and lead them to what lies beyond." he tells the great god, bowing his head in reverence. "I am a servant of the gods. I will go where you point, and someday, perhaps I will learn." Wisdom and thunder are Ozymandias's callings. "I will my lord. I will call upon the nations, humble followers of Mataya, and lead others to what lies beyond."

"Good, good. Feel free to work with my priesthood when and where you can. I will encourage them to offer what aid and support these endeavors will require." Arion gives a small nod and crosses his arms, going silent as he seems to be contemplating something. After a long pause, he shrugs. "Before any voyage is actually undertaken, I suspect that performing a Ceremony of Aid might be something to consider. Not that I offer any guarantees, just a small piece of advice."

He reaches up and scratches the side of his chin. "I think this is the longest I've spoken to one of you mortals in a long time, so let me do one last thing." He takes in a breath and closes his eyes. The temple seems to grow quiet and then the chirping of a pair of songbirds can be heard as they flutter into the temple and land upon the statue of the woman. The songbirds are small, their bellies a bright yellow while their heads, backs and wings are grey-blue, both seem cheerful and tilt their heads to gaze upon Ozymandias. "Consider these a gift for all you've done for Mataya. Name them as you will, just make sure you care for them and give them a good home. They will be kind to all who worship Mataya."

When Arion finishes speaking the light of the temple flickers rapidly then becomes blindingly bright and as it dims back to normal the Goddess stands at Arion's side, hand lingering upon his arm. Not a word is spoken by Mataya, as one would expect from her, not a word is spoken. It is just the light show that announces her. Her head tilts a touch and she says, "Caelan." As always it is but one word but it is likely she is directing to him for exploration connections.

"The ceremony of aid is a requirement in my eyes, a blessing before the voyage. To do so without the ceremony would be an insult to her, I think." Though Ozymandias seems to smile when the songbirds arrive through the open doors of the temple and land on the statue. He smiles upon them. "Your gift is most welcome, nature incarnated. Perhaps strong names for the birds....I will name them Thought and Memory, so that all who come to this shrine may remember and depart with new perspective on their lives. I will treat them as if they were my own blood." Ozymandias boss his head to Arion.

Then light appears, and the goddess Mataya appears. "My lady." He immediately kneels in her presence. Then a name: Caelan. "Caelan...the prince of Choisi. I understand, Lady of Light."

Arion grunts as he senses his sister approaching, then he simply waits and watches her arrival into the temple with a slight smile, but then he faces Ozymandias and rolls his eyes. "Well, that was the Prince I spoke of. I will leave it to you to speak with this Prince Caelan and find out who else he is working with for this endeavor." He glances over at Mataya and then looks back to Ozymandias. "I trust you with the gift and with the tasks put ahead of you, Archbishop. Just move forward and I suspect that you will please Mataya, and if Mataya is pleased, than I am content."

A bit of a questioning look is given to Arion, which likely means she doesn't meddle in what he does unless he lets her. Outside the questioning gaze Mataya doesn't speak a word but A hand is lifted to pet one of the birds Arion has given Ozymandias before it lowers once more and she focuses on her Archbishop. Again her hand bids him to stand.

Bidden to stand, Ozymandias rises to his full height and his eyes are directed to Arion as he seems irritated with the mortal. "Thank you, my lord." He hums a moment. "Though....if I may, perhaps we will all surprise you with our success my lord." Ozymandias offers the god with a surprisingly innocent smile. "Then move forward I shall."

Eyes return to Mataya, a kindness in his eyes. "Great mother. I will gather the masses and unite with the leaders, and we will uncover the mysteries of the world. as you're Archbishop, I will not fail you." He vows his head, and looks to the birds. "Perhaps one day I will discover if I had a past life."

Arion raises an eyebrow at Ozymandias' proclamation. "Succeed or not, that is up to you mortals. I don't spend much of my time watching you mortals, but I've seen you all succeed at nearly impossible tasks when you put your minds to it." He shrugs and shakes his head and lets out a low, rumbling laugh. "Tasks all have a purpose, Archbishop. Some are a little mundane, meant to test the mettle of the mortals they are given to, others are larger and can show us and the mortals assigned the tasks what they are truly made of. Who can say what will happen should you succeed at this, think less of what the distant future holds, and think more of what lies directly ahead of you, and you will raise your chances of success. Would you not agree, Mataya?"

"Yes." confirms the Goddess to Arion's question. Then to Ozymandias she once more speaks her rare times of more than one word, "All do." It doesn't explain much, unsurprisingly. Even just the one word has her godly powers affecting something. It is well known that her words carry power. <OOC> Mataya needs toidle an hour or so. Gotta watch niece/

The Archbishop seems to smile a little bit at Arion, nodding softly to the deity as he speaks his judgment. "It is true. We have a special kind of determination. Even when magic bloomed, we have done our best." Ozymandias then ponders. "I've heard of a saying...to rest on the future is to miss the present." Ozymandias chuckles. "For once I shall rest on the present."

He feels the power from Mataya, even with her very words he feels the power leave her. "All do." He repeats. "I possess no further questions, lest I offend the great powers of creation. I dare not consume more of your time, great lords."

Arion gives the Archbishop a slight nod. "Things happen around us that may or may not be important, so that saying is a good one." He glances towards Mataya briefly and then back to Ozymandias. "Very well, I shall leave you to your work, Archbishop. Good luck rising to the challenge. Mataya has faith in you, so too shall I." With these final words, the god begins stepping back slowly, a slight shiver appearing behind him showing a wooded area. He walks slowly into it and then the scene vanishes and so does Arion.