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Missiah has sent a missive to a variety of people to invite them to meet her at the docks of Tranquil City to tellt hem Arion has asked them to find a 'secret song' somewhere out in the waters.  
Missiah Choisi as CM, Caelan Choisi, Valeria Santua, Llyrion Softbreeze, Aeryn Caldain  
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IC Date
September 28, 1222  
Date of RP
September 28, 2021  
Tranquil City Harbor - Government District  
Room Desc
The harbor of Tranquil City is quite beautiful, even though the design is as simple as it can be for such things. There are buildings and docks for boats of all shapes and sizes to be tucked into. The docks themselves are made of wood and have railings in some places. The beach area of the harbor has soft sand that makes it comfortable for walking on. Part of the busy harbor has been sectioned off for military use. That section is secured by soldiers of the Military.  

Even on the coldest of days it is not uncommon to find the little Choisian Queen wet. If it is not some article of clothing, she is touching water in some form. In this case she is on the edge of the dock with her toes just barely dipping into the waters. Either the dock is under four feet from the water or the water is that high. Each noble house has been sent a missive with the mark of Missiah on it, requesting (if a summons by a Queen could be called a request) their presence at the docks. Her head is tilted towards the sky as she enjoys the light drizzle. Lucky for the noble houses Missiah is one of the easier kingdom rulers to deal with since she just goes with the flow.

Prince Caelan makes his way down to the docks and over to where his mother is sitting with her toes in the water. He leans up against one of the nearby piers and folds his arms lightly in front of him. As a Choisi, he is quite tall at his whopping 5'6". He's dressed in his usual blues and greys, hair a little tousled by the breeze coming off the water. He doesn't say anything for the moment, merely answering the summons and enjoying being down by the water. His love of the sea is well known.

Valeria, being perhaps the closest of the Santua Family when her Aunt's missive went out- while, of course, she did nothing to stop it heading all the way back to Kalem himself. She moves with a surprising grace given her size- the Amethyst skinned woman approaching Missiah with a certain quiet. Perhaps, not wishing to interrupt whatever communion the Queen is having with the water.

Once she fully arrives she slips out of her boots, rolls her pantlegs up, and then sits next to Missiah with her own feet dangling deeper into the water.

Llyrion sets a leisurely but punctual pace down towards the docks, having been informed by his superiors that there's a need for scholarly types reagrding a mission. A mission Queen Missiah herself has planned. As ever, he's the height of style, dressed in scholarly robes of tailored black velvet, and somehow managing to turn the little drizzle of rain to his advantage -- drops of the water glimmer off his crystal earring, and there's not even a hint of fuzzle in his Luminat-pale hair as the moisture lightly skims over the locks. When he catches sight of the little gathering over yonder -- so silent and peaceful -- he stops for a moment, frowning in consideration as to what he should do next. Interrupt this moment of calm? Or just hold back until he has a better idea of the social terrain?

A slow blink is given by Missiah as she hears the familiar gait of her son arrive. Back onto the dock her feet are pulled and up the little Queen stands. The tiny, whimsical Queen may not appear to be an imposing person but But she does carry herself as one named a ruler does. That alone can making her seem imposing. A hand lifts to brush some rain water from her face and she smiles to Caelan, "Hello, my son. I was expecting at least one of my children or grandchildren to be here." Probably children since it is not likely many of her grandchildren are old enough. He gets a loving peck tot he cheek before she plunks back down to dip her feet into the water. The arrival of her niece gets a smile from Missiah, "Valeria. I always miss seeing you." Though it might be infrequent due to the nomadic nature of those from Choisi Missiah has been to Santua lands often, as she has with the other kingdoms. Being the more 'passive' of her siblings she is not unwelcome by them. Llyrion draws Missiah's attention and he gets a smile but she doesn't push him to join. She lets him decide when he is ready.

"A missive like that and you think I might miss it?" Caelan asks his mother with a little smile and a quirk of his lips. He leans in to accept the kiss to his cheek and returns it in kind. She may be small but she is mighty, and while Caelan might banter with her, there's no question that he takes her requests seriously -- which is why he's present and punctual. He offers a smile of greeting to Valeria on her arrival and his attention shifts to study Llyrion as well from where he leans comfortably against the pier, watching people arrive.

"Likewise. It is always a pleasure to see you, Your Highness." Valeria offers quietly to Missiah- this particular Santua just as nomadic as any Choisi. Or, at least she has been since she reached the age of majority. Traveling and doing the work she sees fit to do.

Valeria looks back towards Caelan, bowing her head to her cousin, before her golden eyes gaze back out at the water. Across and towards the horizon. Llyrion is acknowledged, in that she looks his way- but her attention remains on her Aunt. "I did not think my Father would be pleased if I did not answer his sister's summons while I was so close." Not that Valeria always sees eye to eye with her Father, the King of Santua- indeed, she often seems to butt heads with him. Never so much as to be unwelcome at home, of course, but enough to never be forgotten, either.

Llyrion uses the flat of one hand to lazily brush a droplet of water off the sleeve of his robes. Then, rolling his shoulders as if he just woke up from a nap, he continues his leisurely pace towards Missiah and family. When he reaches them, he presents the royals with a smile that mostly reaches his black eyes. He bows to the group with easy grace, then stands tall again. "You Majesty, Your Highnesses. Please forgive my intrusion. My superiors at the Academy informed me that there's an expedition being planned; and so here I am to lend aid, if you can make use of my knowledge and talents."

"Perhaps you have no time for your old mother now that you are my heir, my son." Her words are teasing and fully aware of the fact anything he does in the capacity of the kingdom is from her testing his mettle as her heir. "Kalem is less forgiving than Jaden or Elena." says Missiah to Valeria at her comment. "He is about somewhere too. I saw him the other day." With Missiah 'the other day' could mean 5 minutes ago, actually the other day, or months ago. The Queen smiles to Llyrion, "There are many things planned, Student of Magic." She pauses a moment, "However, in this instance Arion has contacted me with his current interest. A gift for Mataya, he says." She turns her gaze to the sea, studying it a long moment, "I was not given specific details but he did say the waters hold a secret song that will ease the concerns of Mataya." Forward the Queen leans, almost falling into the water as she does so but the water swirls up and around her, keeping her from falling in, "Even I can not cause the waters to guide me to where this 'secret song' is. Since it is Arion the song spoken of likely has to do with the creatures or animals he created since he said it is a gift for the Goddess." The water continues to spiral and rise, narrowing slowly as if weaving in and out of the rain drops. "I considered going to look but, alas, I can not. My siblings insist we must and discuss some sort of matter. MY son, though, naturally has access to some of the most elite and fastest ships." Of course he does those of Choisi are water bound types.

Caelan chuckles and says, "Am I so neglectful? Clearly I'll need to make it up to you now that I am in the city." Which may very well mean that she's going to have to put up with him bothering her a lot more often now. Careful what you wish for! He falls quiet though as she begins to explain just what it is that they are looking for. There's a nod in regard to the Choisi ships. "Do we know where we're to be looking for this song?" He regards his mother curiously, and then those around him. "And is it the song that Mataya wishes, or the singer? Are we looking to bring some creature back to sing to her? Or to learn its song?"

"He has always seen his way to forgive me my oddities." Valeria replies, regarding her own father. "It's Nathan I worry more about, to be honest. He and I... we are more alike than I think he'd like to admit." Valeria pauses a long moment, quiet as she just lets the water flow around her feet and ankles. "And he, I think, would be less likely to forgive me when the time comes that I speak to him as I have our Father. The time will come."

"I have been given a task by the Goddess Mataya, and I do not believe going to sea would fall within that task." Valeria then offers to her Aunt, "However, I will render whatever aide I am able." she states softly. "As long as it does not take me away from the quest given me so far."

Aeryn is a latecomer to the gathering in the harbor, headed this direction wholly by chance. The autumn weather has him in a large overcoat with collar turned up, and the presence of some many notabls--so much royalty, in fact--draws him to a halt. He listens attentively to all the talk of a 'secret song.' "Forgive me, your highnesses, but do I understand correctly that some sort of expedition is afoot?" He postures at indifference, but he is transparently interested in poking his own nose into the matter.

Llyrion's white locks shift as he turns his head, his gaze thoughtfully gazing out to sea. He ponders on Missiah and Caelan's musings, while noting Valaeria's additions. "A song from the waters? Intriguing." When Aeryn arrives next, Llyrion dips his chin to the Divinus man in an absent-minded sort of greeting. Maybe they know each other from somewhere? Scholarly types tend to move in the same circles from time to time, after all.

"The Gods are not the most forthcoming with details when they want something done. He did say it is to the north off the coasts of Santua Kingdom. Beyond that he didn't explain how the 'secret song' is a thing. He is very fond of his creatures and animals so perhaps it is one of the mythical creatures being whispered about." The water continues to spiral up along Missiah and dance among the rain, slow creating a spiraling 'dance of water' that is starting to hover over top the docks. The water quivers a little at the sound of Aeryn's voice, no doubt briefly startling the queen. "To the sea, Lord of Divinus." she confirms to the arrived lord.

"So we set sail for the waters north of Santua in search of a secret song," Caelan muses, his lips tugging into a smile at the corners. "I've certainly been on worse quests. At least this one involves sailing." That seems to be a bonus, in his opinion. "I'm in." It doesn't seem to take more than that for the Choisi Prince to be willing to hop in a ship and take off in search of a song and possibly a creature with little more to go on than the trust that the gods will give them some guidance on this mission from Mataya.

"I wish you nothing but luck, Cousin." Valeria says with a quiet smile as she stands and removes her feet from the water, rolling the leather of her pants down once more before picking up her boots. Wet feet in leather boots is rarely a good idea. This particular Princess has likely learned that the hard way on her travels.

"If you need anything from me, just let me know. I'll be around." she says before bowing her head to Caelan, and smiling to her Aunt. "It's always a pleasure to see you, Aunt Missiah." With that, the woman begins off- nodding her head to Aeryn and Llyrion as she moves on her way back towards the city proper on bare feet.

Aeryn bows his head deferentially to Missiah. "Not a lord, though you do me a great honor by thinking it so," he tells her. "A sage and scholar and, sometimes, explorer. Truthfully, it sounds like a difficult project, to hunt after something so insubstantial as a song, in a region so large as that, but there are any number of places one might begin to narrow the expedition." He gives a slight shrug of his shoulders. "If my skills would be of any value, I will do my best to help."

Llyrion nods his head to the departing Valeria, all unforced propriety in the gesture. With that, he turns back to Missiah and Caelen. His lips twitch up at the corner in the laziest of smile as Aeryn makes his case, and then the white-haired man inclines his head to the Queen. "I confess, I am fascinated by such a mystery. I would dearly like to lend my assistance, if you'll have it." He makes a hmm'ing sound when he looks back out to the glimmering waters. "I've heard tales of seabound creatures, those who lure their victims to the deeps with sweet music..." Then a vulpine grin as he brings himself back to the present. "But yes; please let me know if I can help in any way."

"Caelan is in charge but I expect any willing to be involved will be welcome." With a light movement of her hand the 'water show' is once more returned to the ocean. "Gods are cryptic." observes Missiah, "It could not even be a song but related to what he wants found." Aeryn and Llyrion are both waited towards Caelan, "Offer my son your support." and to Caelan, "My son, let me know how many ships you end up taking and which ones." That said the Queen pulls water up once more then causes it to cascade on her, completely soaking her from head to foot. "I must be going now." The nomadic Queen has likely tired of being in the same spot, even if it is by water.

"Of course, your Majesty. Be well." Llyrion says, before turning the fullness of his attention to Caelan. "I am at your service, your Highness." His head bows in respect, unhurried but perfectly polite.

Aeryn puffs out a breath. "Yes, well. Sometimes the cryptic mystery is the whole point of the exercise," he supposes. "The gods may hope that we grow or discover something important, something which would mean little if it were only handed to us. Personally, I think the struggle and challenge is more gift than trial in their eyes." He takes a short step back and bows to the Queen, doing his best to keep from getting soaked by her conjuring. "Thank you and farewell. I should be getting off myself."

Caelan turns his attention toward Aeryn and Llyrion then and nods to both of them, "The more the merrier. Nothing like a good mystery and adventure, particularly on the open seas." He then smiles at Missiah and says, "I'll leave one or two for you," he promises not to take all the fastest ships. After all, they're not even sure what they're looking for yet. "One or two will do. Unless we find that what we're seeking is far greater than what two can manage."