Fiona Highpeak

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Duchess Fiona Highpeak
Faction : Highpeak
Kingdom : Divinus
Birthdate : 4/24/1197 (Age: 25)
Gender : Female
Position : Duchess
Parent : Not named
Parent : Not named
Status : Married
Children : 4 children
Portrayed By :
Highpeak Crest.png

Fiona was an only child of her two parents, who are now deceased. She was arranged to Annie when she was born, as their parents were close friends and died together when the four of them were out hunting. The guards who were with the nobles say that they all took off and before they could react and must have run into something far more challenging than the group could handle. Fiona was dismayed by this. Fiona was given the education expected of a noblewoman. Her and Annie wed as soon as they were both adults. With Annie Fiona had 4 children. She has been with the Highpeak Duchess since.

RP Hooks
  • Charity Work: Fiona loves doing something involving charity. She raises funds for a variety of things, chief among them is for the Temples to the Gods, the Courtesans, the military, and those in need.
  • Divinus Kingdom: Fiona is from the Divinus Kingdom.
  • Duchess: Fiona is a Duchess of Highpeak, she married into the title.
  • Highpeak Family: Fiona is from the Highpeak family.
  • Nobility: Fiona is nobility.

This woman is a bit on the shorter side and is very curvy. She is not the most slender of women, her beautiful body is built to handle her curves. Her pale skin and blonde hair brings out the sea-blue tones of her eyes. Her facial features are quite aristocratic. She has the Divinus glow to her.

She wears a sky blue silk cloak over a grey gown that has a sky blue corset over it. Her silver and aquamarine jewelry matches the outfit perfectly. On her feet are a pair of grey leather heels.


Fiona can do a pretty light show, basically, with her magic. She can create little rainbows that seem like they are from a light shined through a prismatic crystal. She can make as many of this little rainbows as she wants over a rather large radius. It does offer light but it is not the most useful of light for doing things. When Fiona uses this magic she gets a headache. It is not a strong one but it does get worse the bigger radius she uses her magic in and the more rainbow lights she does.


Fiona is a kind and friendly person who is always interested in giving aid to those that need it. She feels she can reach further than many people can because she is a Duchess by marriage. So, she often does something involving charity. She is very detail orientated but she is also easily distracted by a random thought or something she sees in the corner of her eye. it takes her a long time to finish something she has set herself upon due to how easily she is distracted but she always gets it done. Eventually.

  • Annie (Spouse): Annie is Fiona's wife. They married when Fiona turned 18, the age of adulthood for Atharia. They grew up together and their parents were close.
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