Flora Weston

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Bishopess Flora Weston
Faction : Clergy
Kingdom : Seat Of The Gods
Birthdate : 1/19/1190 (Age: 35)
Gender : female
Position : Bishopess
Parent : Kingston Weston
Parent : Heidi Weston
Status : Married - Jenna Weston
Children : Some
Portrayed By :
Clergy Crest.png

Flora was born to a commoner couple of the Divinus Kingdom and has several siblings. She was given a suitable education for someone common born. Her family struggled a little because it was on the larger side, but they never truly lacked. When she turned 18 she joined Attia's clergy and has been a member since. She married her partner Jenna during her time as a clergy member and they have some children.

RP Hooks

This woman has a willowy figure, the kind that is typically considered ideal for her build type, and classically beautiful features. She is on the shorter side. Her hair is a curly black hue that falls to just passed her shoulders. Her skin is quite dark and her eyes are a beautiful brown. She has the glow the Divinus Kingdom is known to have. She wears the robes of Attia's clergy over an outfit that accents her figure and compliments her features and the robe she wears.


Flora can stop someone's bad feels (whatever type it might be) by touching them and drawing it into herself. It doesn't make them forget what happened or the hurt, but it leaves them and enters her. The pain Flora can take is emotional, physical, or anything in between. If it is hurting someone in some way, she can take it. The cost of being able to do this, though, is that she takes on the bad feels and feels it herself. So, if someone was in a state of wrath, she takes on that anger. If someone has a broken leg and she takes that pain, Flora feels that exact pain.


Flora is a very compassionate person and is very quick to help those in need, sometimes at a detriment to herself. She hates seeing others in pain and does what she can to soften their aliments, whatever they may be. She tends to be very emotional and often hurt.

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