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Welcome to Atharia, a world where people keep repeating the same life over and over again because one of the Gods was angered by a perceived slight. The people now strive to break this curse put upon them, the kingdoms all have their unique they believe to be the way to break the Curse.

An important note is that Atharia is a casual game. Sometimes scenes for plots and over all can come in rapid succession, sometimes it could takes a couple weeks or so before another scene happens. We're more interested in being inclusive and telling stories everyone can enjoy over 'getting plots out quickly' or something. The majority of plots on Atharia will be 1 to 2 scenes long, some times more. The plots with more than 1-5 scenes, at most, are typically ones that will involve player focus.

Atharia is a high fantasy lords and ladies game the utilizes a custom FS3 on PennMUSH. Everyone has the ability to use some sort of magic. What we have as possible things to do: Play the social games (events, slice of life RP), political games (there are different kingdoms, political marriages), exploration, scholarly endeavors, religious focus.

Feel free to join us and see if it is a place that fits for you:

The website:
To connect: 4201

The story lines currently going on:

  1. The people of Atharia are seeking the 'Children of Gods', citizens of Atharia who have a parent that is a God. Until recently they were hidden away for their protection. There is, currently, 15 know Children of Gods and 8 of them have been found. The people were given a necklace that glows brightly when an awakened Child of Gods is found. We absolutely welcome anyone who wants to play a Child of Gods. Unless we suddenly blow up big you can have 1 character be one. I'm also open to the possibility of claiming an NPC, as long as you understand they have been puppeted in scenes.

    The logs for the plot:
    The information about Children of Gods:

  2. Currently there is one exploration plot going on and it is called 'Flames of the Mountains'. Flames of the Mountain is at a point new people can be easily added.

    The logs can be found here:

  3. Though, so far, it is not an official 'Task' from the Gods nor towards the Children, just that the Gods want this 'Missing God' found. No scenes have been officially run so it is easy to join in.

    To see the logs:

  4. The Children of Gods have to complete 'herculean' tasks to ascend. How difficult the task is will depend on which God assigns it and who they are assigning it too. The Child of one God might find their task easier than a Child of another God getting a task from the same God as the first Child. Several of the tasks have been done but the tasks are more based on the player doing them than over all. So, taking part of this is more personalized to the Child. The tasks can vary from being individual, to certain people doing it, to everyone. Each Child has to do, at least, 12 tasks.

    To see the logs:

  5. A mysterious person has arrived in the Seat of Gods and is staying in Tranquil City. They are clearly not of the known kingdoms. Is this person from an unknown land?

    To follow the plot: