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Welcome to Atharia. A world where magic is commonplace and there are 4 known kingdoms. The mortals angered one of the Gods, Larthin, who decides to take ‘time’ from each mortal as retaliation and some of the mortals strive to appease him. There is a fanatic religious cult that works against the mortals. There is royalty, nobility, meddlesome Gods, exploration. The exploration involves finding ruins or mythical creatures (which may not necessarily be exactly like RL’s mythical but are heavily based on them) or discovering new lands or kingdoms. There are Children of Gods that have herculean tasks they must complete and should they, they have the choice to ascend into Godhood (We even allow you to play your PC as a God with some restrictions). Magic is common place to the mortals and the magic is unique to each person (AKA, even if you have magic written exactly the same as someone else on an IC level the magic is different and unique to the character). Marriages tend towards being political and it is, should both parties agree it is okay, okay to have a Consort (love spouse) that is all about love. It is not uncommon for the Gods to meddle in the lives of the mortals be it to make their lives worse or better. The Staff is open to running personal plots that involve character growth or what have you.

OOC: Atharia is a high fantasy MUSH that uses PennMUSH with a heavily modified version of FS3. Everyone can use some sort of magic. What we have as possible things to do: Play the social games (events, slice of life RP), political games (there are different kingdoms, political marriages), exploration, scholarly endeavours, religious focus. We also have a roster system and player CG that has generators in almost all the rooms. There is no preference to whether you take a roster, use the generators, or neither of those. The purpose is to make the point of entry as easy as possible.

An important note is that Atharia is a casual game. Sometimes scenes for plots and over all can come in rapid succession, sometimes it could take a couple weeks or so before another scene happens. We're more interested in being inclusive and telling stories everyone can enjoy over 'getting plots out quickly' or something. Most plots on Atharia will be 1 to 2 scenes long, sometimes more. The plots with more than 1-5 scenes, at most, are typically ones that will involve player focus.

Feel free to join us and see if it is a place that fits for you:

The website:
To connect: 4201

These are the current staff wanted/suggestions for people who need inspiration for a character. Some of the suggestions can be combined or used individually, whatever the preference.

  • Children of Gods - Any but keep in mind that if you want to be Ossian or Mataya's you need to come in with a partner or work with existing players that do not have a Child and want one. Ossian and Mataya will always have the same number of children.
  • Combat Types - Any
  • People from Santua
  • Royalty - Any kingdom
  • Clergy - Any God as there are not many active clergy members.
  • Courtesans - Courtesan or Debutante. They are social gurus and a branch of the clergy.
  • Titled People - People who hold positions of power, noble or commoner (noble house land holders, Sages, Knights, Baronets, Archbishops, Heirs, any other possibilities missed)
  • Other - Anything else that appeals.

There are some NPCs that can be adopted (+news adopting named npcs or pre-created characters (rosters) that can be claimed (+roster and +help roster). Staff can always be contacted to discuss character ideas and a roster or NPC you wish to claim.

The story lines currently going on:

The current plots can be found here: