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We're not expecting you to be constantly out and about no matter the position you play. Hosting events is not a condition for taking a leadership position, we are aware not everyone likes to host events. The only 'activity level' is getting out and RPing when you can/desire too. Leadership positions a slight bit more expectations on them, not much. Those in leadership (head of a house, of the royal families, Archbishops, high ranked military officer, etc) are the ones we will likely look to for dropping a 'task' or some sort of plot onto. They are then expected to spread that plot across other players. They are not the only ones we will seed plot out too but they are the likely ones. So, those who want to take a leadership position should be prepared to seed out any plots from staff to fellow players.

To sum it up: RP when you can and leaders spread the plot love. That is the extent of the activity requirement' we have.

Since we have such a lose activity demand, the time frame before someone is considered to be 'idle' when not connecting is 3 months. If you haven't connected in that time frame staff will be assuming you don't wish to play on our game anymore and follow with any notes you left about what to do with your character or sort out what needs to be done such as turned into an NPC, added to the roster, given a character death (we will do our best to give a character something that suits their concept), or simply faded into the background and off doing other things (AKA nuked or similar actions).

One thing to note, while we don't demand leaders host events or be out and about constantly, we will be considering them idle if other players report that they can not get a hold of the person after repeated attempts in leadership positions or what have you for story, reactions to events done, general RP. We're not likely to remove you from the character (that will be a last resort) but we will start taking actions to set your character up to be removed from the position for someone who is trying to do stuff for people. Keep in mind, how a person is removed might not be to their liking. Which can vary from the character 'retiring' from the leadership position to a coup to displeased people. Basically, be available to your fellow players as a leader without overwhelming yourself. Staff 100% will back up a leader pushing most tasks put to them across other people. Someone wants to marry your sister's daughter's son? Tell them to speak to to the matchmaker for the family. Someone wants the Duke to handle a military matter? Push it to your military leaders (who can spread it out as well) to solve. Utilize your fellow players to give them chances to 'prove themselves' to your leader character. If they don't handle the thing (it doesn't need to be handled well IC since not all are perfect), push it on to someone who will/wants to help with things.