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Atharia is home to many mythical creatures, or so the mortals have been told by the Gods but, as of yet, they have not discovered any. They have found commonly known animals (think wolves, bears, horses, dogs, cats, cows, etc. Any RL animal that can be found in the world, Atharia people know of them) and some have been domesticated to help make work easier and/or for food.
OOC: Players are welcome to run plots discovering mythical creatures but the creature needs to be approved by staff first, so we are aware of what is out there and can connect it to our over all plans.

Creature Name Information
Mermaids/Merfolk Merfolk are a gift to Mataya from Arion. They are breathtakingly beautiful creatures that have a human upper half and a fish tail bottom half. The human half of the merfolk has traits that give them a more fish feel than human. Mermaids have a voice that is so tempting it is hard to resist their singing. Their songs are often the loveliest and sweetest songs a person will ever hear. Some mortals have expressed that a loved one heard the songs of the merfolk and found it impossible to resist the call. It is uncertain to what happened to them because they have not been found. To cause harm or ill will towards mermaids will evoke Arion's anger.