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Players are allowed to make builds of their own. We have set up a 'construction site' for people to build off of. It is linked to the hub. We are not really restricting how many rooms you have but do keep in mind if staff thinks you are getting excessive (generally this will be when it starts getting above 10 rooms) we might ask you to shrink your build down. All rooms must have a description and &area set on them. All builds need to be requested for staff approval and to be linked to the grid. If you don't want to build something but a build on grid appeals to you, you are welcome to request to staff to own it (provided it is not owned by a PC or a named NPC). Do not change descriptions or add rooms once a build is linked to the grid. Things to keep in mind when building:

Keep it appropriate to the setting. Atharia does not have high tech things so describing a building as having computers and top of the line security is not appropriate.

You are very welcome to write in that nameless masses are doing something in your place. A house has servants (not all are PCs) who can be doing their jobs, businesses have customers and employees, they can be mentioned.

All rooms need to have %r%t at the start and a %R%r%t in between paragraphs and an exit in and out. The exits out need to have 'o', 'out', and 'exit' in the names. If appropriate you can by all means use the same description across multiple rooms. Places like rentable rooms in inns are entirely welcome to repeat descriptions.

Builds are unlikely to be removed from the grid unless they are personal bedrooms or houses owned by one person. All family homes will be owned to the grid builder, Vulcan. Businesses will be left in the hands of the player who builds it unless they give up the character then it will be owned to the grid builder for someone to potentially pick up in the future.

The naming format is: <room name or building name (depending on if it is the first room or not) - <building name if not listed first> - <area it is built in> So it would look like:

First room: Example House - Street - Residential District
Rooms connected to that: Bedroom - Example House - Street

Each room must have an Area set. It is not a super huge deal if you forget to set it or don't know what to set it as. Staff will assure it is properly set. Areas are set with: &area here=<appropriate area>