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The holdings are the various towns, cities, villages, etc that a kingdom holds. Including the land that titled nobles hold. While one 1 Knight, 1 Sage, and 1 Baronet are listed each noble house gets one. There are more Noble Houses but these are the ones that are for PCs. More could be added should we need to open up more of them for players.

Gallant Crest.png
Gallant Duchy - Ruled by Duke Samuel Gallant
  • Oceanguard City
  • Town of Seaport
  • Rainfall Village
Hightide Crest.png
Hightide March - Ruled by Marquess Taylor Hightide
  • Beachfall City
  • Town of Swanwood
  • Autumncoast Village
Moonbrooke Crest.png
Moonbrooke County - Ruled by Countess Cheryl Moonbrooke This house is considered NPC.
  • Crystalwater City
  • Town of Lakeport
  • Everbrook Village
Seashore Crest.png
Seashore Viscounty - Ruled by Viscount Judas Seashore This house is considered NPC.
  • Oceanport City
  • Town of Deepgultch
  • Whitebrook Village
Whitewater Crest.png
Whitewater Barony - Ruled by Baroness Keeley Whitewater This house is considered NPC.
  • Redtide City
  • Town of Nightide
  • Swifttide Village
Waterdeep Crest.png
Baronet Waterdeep - Ruled by Baronetess Maxine Waterdeep
  • Pearlrock Village

Beachholde Crest.png
Knight Beachholde - Ruled by Knight Zella Beachholde
  • Mistvale Village

Oceanbourne Crest.png
Sage Oceanbourne - Ruled by Sage Rodrick Oceanbourne
  • Baywell Village

Note: Keep in mind that Knights, Sages, and Baronets can only 'control' 1 village, it is their reward for the deeds they have done.

OOC: Players are very welcome to put in a request with a write up about villages, towns, cities, etc. Include the following information:

Vassal of: