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The ‘classes’ of Atharia are a combination of birthright and recollection of past lives. Before the death of the mortals, nobility was based on gaining favor with the emperor of the world then after being named noble it was based on birthright and bloodlines. After the death and resurrection of mortals this was shaken up to include remembering past lives. Gaining the favor of the Rulers stopped being the method to being considered noble and it instead focused on those who knew their past lives with birthright as part of it. It is almost a certainty that someone who recalls their earlier lives will be considered a noble.

The ‘commoners’ are those who do not have recollection of their past lives or recall only flashes of them. While /typically/ they cannot be elevated to nobility there are certain circumstances that a commoner could be elevated. The only possibilities of them being made noble is that they are a Child of Gods or they get the memories of their past lives. The commoners that gain their past lives memories are likely to be adopted into any noble family, save for royalty, rather than being set up as a new family.

A Child of Gods can be adopted into any family of nobility, should they choose too. So, it is likely that someone who is a Child of Gods will be chased by even the Kings and Queens of Atharia. Children of Gods are considered a big boon for the noble family that gets to claim them. So, it is not unheard of for nobles to offer something of value to claim a Child of Gods into their family. They are even likely to claim them away from other noble families. The items of value could be monetary, land, possible becoming their heir to the noble title, a title for their former family members, anything that might be presented as something the Child of Gods considers to be important.

Class Name Class Details
Royalty The royalty of Atharia are Kalem, Jaden,Elene, and Missiah, the founding people of each kingdom. The respect of royalty is expanded to their spouses, children. It is believed that the royal families also have exceptional recollection of their past lives.
Nobles The nobles of Atharia are, as explained, those who remember their past lives pretty completely. Some a little better than others but they all know their past lives. To add a further dynamic to nobility some nobles are 'titled'. These titles are more of a reward for deeds they have done that, usually, impress the royal families.
Middle Class The middle class are commoners who have been granted a title by nobility or by the nature of their relationship to a person. The middle class consists of people who are Supporters, Courtesans, Knights, Sages, Baronets, Consorts (that are not nobility), and Matchmakers. They are given a bit more respect than the typical commoner.
Commoners Commoners are, in essence, the working class of Atharia. They handle the menial labours such as blacksmithing, cooking, cleaning, tailoring, etc. They leave the bigger tasks, such as forming alliances, of kingdoms to the nobility. Basically, without the commoners nobles could not live a life focused on politics or social endeavors, should the choose.