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Like all places Atharia has ways people commonly greet each other and what they say when they depart. These greetings and departures can be affected by the social ranks of a person, though, it is not that much different.

When greeting someone of a higher rank, such as commoner to nobility, it is typically a bow or curtsy with a 'hello' style of words. 'Hello, my lord' then bowing would be an example of that. The greeting to royalty is almost always a curtsy or bow dipped lower than for almost anyone else, though, Kings and Queens likely get slightly lower than princes and princesses due to being a higher rank. The person of higher rank will, typically, dip their head in acknowledgement of the greeting and giving a responding 'hello' type saying. So, in the case of a royal to a commoner it would be the slightest of dips of the heads, just enough to be certain it was done, and a 'Good day, Mistress <name>'.

There are some of the bolder types of people who do a greeting with a kiss to the cheek. That is usually reserved for someone well known or a Courtesan to anyone. Though, there are some who don't care how well they know someone but will always offer a kiss to the cheek, unless objection is given by the receiving party. It is always accompanied by a vocalized greeting as well.

Each kingdom has their variants of these greetings. There are some things consistent, such as the bows/curtsies and the responding nods, across the kingdoms and somethings slightly different. For example, Choisi might have a vocal greeting along the lines of 'The Seas faired you well, <form of address> <name>' as their form of hello.

Words and actions of departures are pretty much the same, save for the vocalization is a 'bye' format over 'hello'. If you are uncertain of the proper ways to address someone the forms of address page can be checked out.