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This is a page for things that are considered 'common knowledge'. It can be based on families, kingdoms, over all game, whatever. Basically on Atharia we want to keep common knowledge in a place people can find. This will also help staff know what they need to update for theme stuff. This can also be a place where knowledge that is common but doesn't have a place in theme news files can go. Any player can add to this. As long as you run it by staff, you can even make up some common knowledge about something. This page is about getting the knowledge out there. We want to assure people aren't floundering in scenes when people think something is common knowledge but a new person/uninvolved person doesn't know it. We've decided to divide it into common knowledge on an PC level and common Knowledge on an OOC level, that might just be OOC related but could be IC related. You can note that something is common knowledge to a specific kingdom too.

Common IC Knowledge

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Common OOC Knowledge

  1. While not all characters IC know this it is common knowledge OOC that all the Children of Gods get a secondary power that is designed to benefit their parent-God in some form and that they get a sacred item that is completely unique to them. How common this becomes IC is up to the Children of Gods.