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Atharia is a semi-mix of consent and non-consent with a bit of a lean to non-consent. What this means is that stuff will happen to or around your character that you will not agree with. Typically these events, when done by staff, are done to progress a story over all or for your character. An example of something non-consent that could happen is Attia decides to contact your character to give a hint about where an artifact is that is important to your character and/or their family.

One thing will always give a bit of a feel for is death of your character and/or permanent injury. The death of a character ends their story and we want to try and limit the end of someone's story to when the person feels they've told the story they want for the character. Though, this does not negate them from consequences of their actions it just means we'll try and take avenues to that will avoid the death of a character. We also know that permanent injury is not something all people enjoy playing out so we'd rather take an angle that allows for a person to continue playing their character.