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Divinus Crest.png

Ruler: Queen Elena Divinus (Formally Elena Lareth, true Queen) and King Arthur Divinus (Deceased, Spouse, married in King)

Heir: Taya Divinus

Ruling Family: Divinus Family

Patron God: Mataya

Kingdom Coat of Arms: A trio of mountain peaks.

Kingdom Colors: Brown and Grey

Kingdom Motto: When you hit a dead end, try starting over.

Exports: Stones, metals, gems

Imports: Wood, ocean goods, farmed goods

Population: Approximately 8,000,000 people.

Capital City: Starfall City


Land, Climate, and Building: Divinus has a climate that is cooler and muggier. The weather often changes very quickly, with little to no warning. the people of Divinus have also built into the mountain as well as along the base. The houses are usually built from wood and stone as well as materials found when digging out inside the mountains, such as minerals, gemstones, metals, and anything else one would typically find in a mountain. They have farm lands, mainly at the base, as the higher up the mountains they go the rockier it gets. (OOC: Example image of what buildings are like is included. They literally build right into the mountains as well as on.)

About the people (Stereotypical): The people of Divinus Kingdom are determined people and they will stereotypically start something over from scratch if it is not working out right for them. They will do what they can to achieve their goals. They believe that starting over can help to achieve something greater.

How Ruler is Determined: Divinus' heir is generally female, as Divinus is more of a matriarchal rule. Though, it is not necessarily the oldest. It is determined by which daughter is most suited to be the next ruler. It is rare but on occasion a male heir is selected.

Story: When Elena split from her siblings and headed towards the mountains she was followed by people who believed in her decision to start over. Sure, the mountains weren't barren like the start of the world but Elena felt it to be pretty close. Along the mountains those of Divinus Kingdom travelled until they found an exceptionally large mountain with very little plant life surrounding and growing on it. This felt like it was more towards barren. Into the mountains Divinus Kingdom belt, expanding up along the mountain and deep within it, forming what is now the capital city: Starfall City. Eventually the holds of Divinus Kingdom expanded out from the mountains to form their holdings.

Holdings: the lands held by Divinus and their rulers can be found here: Divinus Holdings

People of the Kingdom