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Divinus Crest.png

Ruler: Queen Elena Divinus and King Arthur Divinus (Deceased, Spouse)

Heir: Taya Divinus

Ruling Family: Divinus Family

Patron God: Mataya

Kingdom Coat of Arms: A trio of mountain peaks.

Kingdom Colors: Brown and Grey

Kingdom Motto: When you hit a dead end, try starting over.

Exports: Stones, metals, gems

Imports: Wood, ocean goods, farmed goods

Population: Approximately 8,000,000 people.

Capital City: Starfall City


Land, Climate, and Building: Divinus has a climate that is cooler and muggier. The weather often changes very quickly, with little to no warning. the people of Divinus have also built into the mountain as well as along the base. The houses are usually built from wood and stone as well as materials found when digging out inside the mountains, such as minerals, gemstones, metals, and anything else one would typically find in a mountain. They have farm lands, mainly at the base, as the higher up the mountains they go the rockier it gets. (OOC: Example image of what buildings are like is included. They literally build right into the mountains as well as on.)

About the people (Stereotypical): The people of Divinus Kingdom are determined people and they will stereotypically start something over from scratch if it is not working out right for them. They will do what they can to achieve their goals. They believe that starting over can help to achieve something greater.

How Ruler is Determined: Divinus' heir is generally female, as Divinus is more of a matriarchal rule. Though, it is not necessarily the oldest. It is determined by which daughter is most suited to be the next ruler. It is rare but on occasion a male heir is selected.

Story: Vlatka went towards the mountains. She felt that was the best place for her to show her devotion to the Gods. A great deal of people followed her, believing Vlatka would be the most suitable leader and the one who would appease the Gods first. Though it was difficult Vlatka, and her people built their kingdom on the mountains. Sometimes their villages, towns at cities were at the base of the mountains but most of the time they were built directly into the mountains on the highest peaks of them. Vlatka, of course, became the Queen of these people and the kingdom became known as Divinus. Vlatka and her line took Divinus on as their last name. Mataya seeing how hard the Divinus Kingdom worked and blessed them. As she loved crystals and light, she gave the Divinus Kingdom a faint glow to them. The belief of the Divinus people is that it made it so they could find each other even in the darkest part of caverns in the mountains.

At the start of magic Queen Eliana took over for Vlakta after she died of age. Eliana witnessed the full establishing of the kingdoms, the Gods giving the mortals magic and then passed down, after retiring, her title to King/Queen Kori whose title then passed down to King Wilbur. At his death the current Queen, Elena, started her reign and has been Queen since.

Holdings: the lands held by Divinus and their rulers can be found here: Divinus Holdings

People of the Kingdom