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Divorce, or the release of a Consort, happens in Atharia. Though someone getting a divorce is a minor scandal initially, people in general don't care if someone is divorced or not when it comes to arranging political marriages. A divorce happening is mainly a brief moment of gossip to discuss what could have happened to cause a marriage to break up or a Consort to be released before it is forgotten for the next hot topic. A divorced person is just as worthy for marriage or to be a Consort as someone who isn't divorced. Sometimes, things just don't work out as planned.

When a couple divorces, or a Consort is released, the family head, a priest, and the divorcing couple meet to discuss whether anything that was written into the marriage contract needs to be changed or if any of it is even still valid with a divorce. Unless the couple was exceptionally public about their divorce this is usually done in a very amicable way. Hard feelings by either party are very rare. Once the marriage contract is sorted out the priest divorces the pair and everyone goes on their merry way.

OOC: Divorced people are not considered pariahs or anything. They are just divorced, no big deal. Except that brief bit of gossip there is no huge scandal associated with a divorced person.