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In Atharia no gender is considered lesser than any other gender, they are all equal. Though some kingdoms have a patriarchal or matriarchal heir system, the opposing gender is not treated as incapable or anything. It is merely the preference of the ruler and tradition. Any gender being treated as lesser beings by another will typically be defended by people. It is a crime for a person of any gender to be treated as less than because they are X gender. It is unlikely any mercy will be given.

While there is nobility and commoners it is not necessarily inequality to why they are such, though, nobles do gain more favor. Nobles remember their past lives, completely. Commoners remember bits and pieces, at best. That is what separates nobles and commoners. The royals are treated as so because their line is what formed each kingdom, they, of course, also remember their past lives. While among nobles and commoners there can be those who are 'classist', it is not the norm. Sure, to be classist is frowned upon but, really, the majority of the time no one cares if someone is or not. Though, unless given specific permission from the person, one would not, for example, address a noble by just their name so in that aspect, the people are classist though it could be viewed as a sign of respect than classist.

There are things about Atharia that has people behaving superior, as everyone has their own personality, in all their hearts of hearts the people of Atharia know everyone is equal. Sure, a person from Santua can consider themselves better than someone from Choisi but it doesn't necessarily mean they are.

This isn't to say the kingdoms aren't bias against each other, they very much are in some aspects. After all, they do not agree on the methods being taken to accomplish breaking the Curse. It would not be abnormal for a person of the Santua Kingdom to make fuss at someone from the Luminat Kingdom. A person of a different kingdom than a character's own being viewed as an enemy or rival would not be surprising. Nor is being friends with one but it could be viewed as a little questionable.