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Currently staff is not allowing players to create their own faction. By this we mean, groups officially approved by staff as an important aspect. You can, by all means, /claim/ to be the leader of a Cult of Bounty Hunters but it is unlikely that the Kings/Queens, clergy or landed nobles are supporting these factions financially or otherwise.

However, this does not mean you can't request to staff to review your ideas and potentially approve them for 'official organizations supported by everyone in power.' 'Official Factions' will ICly have all the support they need. There will likely be news files and everything on them.

To submit for an official faction, be it family, a group of hunters, an academy for magic users, etc, follow these formats. Keep in mind that details are subject to be tweaked or modified by staff to flow better with the game theme and setting:

For organizations:

Faction name:

Who they report too:

Description of what they are for:

For a New Family:




Typical Religion:

House Colors:

Coat of Arms: