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Atharia's fashion is pretty varied in the styles and looks. None of the kingdoms have really gained a super specific style. It is just styles that make sense for their region. Typically the fashion is what the 'big names' of the world wear. This means royals, titled nobles, and Courtesans are the ones who affect what the current fashion is. The Courtesans, though, are the ones who set the trends initially. The styles are ever changing and can vary between very modest and very daring (nothing actually exposing private parts in public) and everything in between. It is rare that a fashion style is unaccepted.

The materials used are all naturals that can be easily adapted into something else, nothing synthesized (no jeans, polyester, or anything that can't be naturally obtained from the earth and made into something else). Silk, cotton, wool, silk, leather, fibers, and other such materials are used for clothing and some armor. Gold, silver, iron, copper, steel, and platinum are used for jewelry, weapons, and metal armor. There is also a variety of gems available for ornamenting anything (Any naturally occurring gem is available, price varying just as it does RL).

Those who like to show off their clothing or to try and set the latest trend are likely to wear the most fancy of clothing, jewelry, and armor. To set is a trend is a highlight for the more social types.

OOC: It is unlikely that someone will be running around the kingdoms in armor and carrying weapons on the regular.