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Gallant Crest.png

Ruler: Duke Samuel Gallant and Duchess Samantha Gallant (Spouse)

Heir: Lady Elizabeth Gallant

Kingdom: Choisi Kingdom

Typical Religion: Monotheism - Gallants generally favor Attia.

House Colors: Cyan and Yellow

Coat of Arms: Four pike fish creating a ring around a oyster shell set against a cyan and yellow background.

Motto: Protect to ease the pain of others.

Story: Gallant was the first Duchy of Choisi to be established. As expected, the nobles of this family remember their pasts. Gallants, though, were named a Duchy because of the fact a past member has been unfailingly loyal to the Choisi Family and has time and time again put their lives on the line for family. The Gallants favour Attia as their patron God and are pretty monotheist to her, though, they do not disregard the other Gods. Those of Gallant have proven their military prowess many times over. Duke Samuel has been leading the Gallant Duchy since it was established.
Family Hook: Gallants are military sorts and loyal to a default. While it is not always done the family members join the military for a period of time just after becoming an adult. The expectation that they will excel is put upon the shoulders of the Gallants in the military. Some decide to retire after serving a period of time, others stay. This also means that the heir is often chosen based on traditional methods for a Choisian as well as their military prowess.

Gallant Family Tree

OOC: Names, ages, who has children, siblings, or spouses can be changed within reason. The only exception for names, ages, and spouses (children and siblings are fine) is the rulers and their heirs. Also keep in mind in the ages of the rulers when asking/wanting to be in a certain place or relationship. The traditional way of how a kingdom passes down a title also needs to be kept in mind. Contact staff for any changes you want to make in regards to names or ages. People with no names can basically be adjusted however.

  • Duke Samuel Gallant - Born: July 21, 1162
    • Duchess Samantha Gallant (Spouse) - Born: February 1, 1164
      • Lady Elizabeth Gallant (Heir, Twin) - Born: January 28, 1182
        • Lord Eugene Gallant (Spouse) - Born: December 25, 1162
          • Lord Gavin Gallant (Heir's Heir, Triplet) - Born: October 15, 1200
          • Sorine Gallant (Triplet) - Born: October 15, 1200 (PC)
          • Lady Estefania Gallant (Triplet) - Born: October 15, 1200 (Retired)
          • Child
          • Debutante Oksana Gallant (Courtesan) - Born: November 16, 1204 (Retired)
      • Bishopess Attinia Gallant (Twin, Clergy - Attia) - Born: January 28, 1182
      • Lord Keith Gallant (Triplet) - Born: March 21, 1183
      • Lord Matan Gallant (Triplet) - Born: March 21, 1183
      • Lord Larson Gallant (Triplet) - Born: March 21, 1183
  • Lady Anna Gallant - Born: August 2, 1165
  • Countess Irina Moonbrooke - Born: April 1, 1169
    • Countess Cheryl Moonbrooke (Spouse, Moonbrooke) - Born: September 21, 1169
      • Lord Anton Moonbrooke - Born: May 22, 1191
        • Spouse - Born: June 26, 1192
          • Lady Arissa Moonbrooke (Heir's Heir) - Born: June 3, 1209
          • Child
          • Child
          • Child
  • Lady Brynn Gallant - Born: January 21, 1172
    • Lady Tyra Gallant (Spouse, Formerly Moonbrooke) - Born: September 19, 1171
      • Lord Rye Gallant - Born: April 16, 1135
        • Lady/Lord Avery Gallant (Spouse, Formerly from the Santua family Deadra) - Born: July 27, 1135

People of the Family