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Atharia has several Gods but 7 of them are considered the ‘Major Gods’, as in they are the patron Gods of a Kingdom, which means the world has 7 Kingdoms. These 6 Gods are also considered the first Gods of the world. So, they are often called by numbers as well as their names. The number they are referred to as is the when they became part of Atharia after Larthin created the world. So, the First God is Larthin, as he was the God who created the world’s life. Mataya would be considered the Second God as she was the second God to make an appearance. It continues on like that for all the first 7 Gods.

The Major Gods are:

  • Larthin, the First God: He is a very petty God who was the first to walk the lands of Atharia.
  • Mataya, the Second God: She is the second God of Atharia. She cares greatly for the mortals and does not often speak.
  • Arion, the Third God: He is the third God of Atharia and is a pretty indifferent person until it comes to Mataya.
  • Attia, the Fourth God: Attia is the fourth God and is a kind soul who tries to take in everyone's pain.
  • Hilal, the Fifth God: Is a cold and distant God who cares greatly about honor and protecting those needing protection. Hilal is often referred to as one of the Lost Gods.
  • Soleil, the Sixth God: Soleil is a talkative God with an explosive temper who cares about justice and punishes those who did wrong. Soleil is often referred to as one of the Lost Gods.
  • Missing God, The Seventh God: ??

The rest of the gods are considered ‘minor’ and are the Children of Gods that ascended. They typically fall under the domain of their parent God but can be under the domain of another should they feel it fits with how they are better. For example, if a Child of Attia feels they would fit under Mataya more because of how they are. They would still be Attia’s child but would be part of Mataya’s domain. Though the Minor Gods can be a patron of a family, they can not be a patron God of a kingdom.

The Minor Gods are:

None Currently known

The Rituals:

The Gods all have some rituals and prayers that can be done to anyone of then and/or them all at once. These ones are typically ones that require a great deal of Godly powers. It likely takes two or more of the Gods to grant the ritual.

Ritual of Birth: This Ritual is done during a pregnancy, at any time. Those that do this ritual, it can be done by a group of people, are asking the Gods to speed up their pregnancy by blessing the parent having the child. This takes a great sacrifice by both parents. What they offer to the Gods has to be something they value the most. Any life taking is considered an affront to the ritual.

Ritual of Growth: The ritual of growth is a complex one as it is done by the parents of a child until they can speak and think for themselves. The Ritual of Growth allows a child to grow faster. This is an uncomfortable one for many to do as it requires a blood sacrifice. The more blood given, the faster the child grows. The blood has to be of the ones doing the ritual, which is the parents or the child when the child is old enough. The parents could sacrifice, willingly on the part of the sacrificed parent, their life to have their child instantly become an adult. The ritual fails, when shooting for instant growth, if the parent is coerced or forced into sacrificing themselves. The parents are making the choice to help their child become an adult and when the child is old enough, they are making the choice to grow. Any forced is an affront to the Gods and never goes well.