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Highbranch Crest.png

Ruler: Duke Jan Highbranch

Heir: Lord Stephen Highbranch

Kingdom: Santua Kingdom

Typical Religion: Monotheism - Highbranches favor Larthin as their God.

House Colors: Pink and Green

Coat of Arms: Two brown branches at a top and bottom location and they are facing the opposite directions.

Motto: Darkness and light go hand in hand but we prefer the dark.

Story: Highbranches are the first Duchy to be established under the Santua rule. This family tends to handle the more sinister deeds that Santua kingdom needs done. They have proven themselves to be very ruthless and dangerous, yet loyal to the kingdom and the ruling family. They earned their title from their dark deeds. Highbranches don't generally live to old age.

Family Hook: Highbranches commit the darkest deeds for the Santua Kingdom. Their deeds put them as one of the more dangerous of people in the world, which is quite afeat from the kingdom that has chosen the darker path as a way to live. The child of a Highbranch is trained from childhood to bring people to their knees, in one way or another. Their training can vary depending on their aptitude. Some Highbranches are skilled assassins, some social pariahs', some combat warriors, and so on. This training is dangerous, especially for a child, but it is what the family knows. Upon the death of a Highbranch, no matter the age, they are immortalized on a marble statue of the first Duke of the Highbranches.

Highbranch Family Tree

OOC: Names, ages, who has children, siblings, or spouses can be changed within reason. The only exception for names, ages, and spouses (children and siblings are fine) is the rulers and their heirs. Also keep in mind in the ages of the rulers when asking/wanting to be in a certain place or relationship. The traditional way of how a kingdom passes down a title also needs to be kept in mind. Contact staff for any changes you want to make in regards to names or ages. People with no names can basically be adjusted however.

  • Duke Nilo Highbranch (Deceased) - Age: 90
    • Duke Cesare Highbranch (Deceased) - Age: 90
      • Duke Wilhelm Highbranch (Deceased) - Age: 50
        • Duchess Leila Highbranch (Deceased) - Age: 50
          • Duke Jan Highbranch - 30
          • Lord Alvin Highbranch (Twin, Current Heir) - Born: October 4th, 1193
            • Spouse
              • Child
              • Child
          • Lady Larthena Highbranch (Twin) - Born: October 4, 1193 (Rostered)
          • Viscountess Miyu Daedra (Established the Daedra Viscounty) - Age: 25
            • Viscountess Kristen Daedra - Age: 21
              • Lord Cassius Daedra (Twin) - Age: 5
              • Lady Carissa Daedra (Twin) - Age: 5
        • Treasured Heather Harth (Wilhelm's Consort)- Age: 49
      • Wilhelms Sibling
  • Nilo's Sibling

People of the Family