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The Holy Order of Knights was established by Valeria Santua at the request of Larthin. It is considered one of her tasks. As time went by it became known she was the only Child granted the ability to work on 2 tasks at the same time rather than the 1 at a time that all the other Children do. IT is believed the First God considers this a very important task to give such an exception. Though, one is never certain on this. It is believed that it will take years for this Order to be fully established to the ‘elite force’ that Larthin desires of it.

The Holy Order of Knights is pretty much the military force of the Seat of the Gods. They are charged with protecting the Seat of the Gods and the people living there, especially the Children of Gods. Though they handle the defense and protection of the Seat of Gods the main focus is creating an elite force of knights that could hold their own in small numbers until re-enforcements (aka the Kingdoms) arrive to help the Seat of Gods Knights.

The Holy Order of Knights is specifically not connected to any particular faith, despite it's founder being a Child of Attia. All worshipers of the Gods are welcome, but faith is indeed a requirement to move up the ranks. They protect the Holy City and the Seat of the Gods. They protect anyone in need, and believers in particular. They take their duty as the military arm of The Seat of the Gods very seriously, and only through merit is one allowed to move up the ranks. Nobility and past mean nothing to them- if you were a criminal in your past, a Prince, or even a King or Queen they don't care. All that matters is the strength of your heart, your mind, and your arm- and in no particular order.

  • Grand Master: The current leader of the Holy Order of Knights. Currently this is Valeria Santua.
  • The Four Masters: The Four Master Knights who each are in command of one layer of the Seat of the God's Military: Army, Navy, Guards, and Questing Knights. They are 'titled' within the Order: The Knight Prefect (Army), The Knight Admiral (Navy), The Knight Quaestor (Guard), and The Knight Tribune (Questing Knights.). Each is allowed to choose their own lieutenants from the order of Knights, typically numbering between 1-4. Those Knights are called 'Knight Lieutenant' as a title.
  • Knights: Fully Oath-bound Knights who have dedicated their lives to the Holy Order of Knights and it's precepts. The Oath they take is binding, and represents a desire to dedicate one's life to the Order, they forever give up any claim to noble or royal title. There are ways to retire and resume one's noble titles, but retired Knights are unlikely to be welcomed back without a great undertaking due to the nature of the Oath. The Knights Lieutenant are pulled from this rank of Knights. Each Knight is expected to take a Squire under their wing to train.
  • Squires: Squires are Knights who have taken a 'lesser oath' to the order, one that is not so binding as that taken by the higher ranked knights. They are often Knights in training, or nobles who have come to learn to fight. While in the Order they give up all rights as nobility the same as a Courtesan might.

OOC: It's very important to note that the Holy Order of Knight is specifically a meritocratic organization. The Founding Head Master has made it very clear that she doesn't give "Larthin's left nut" who someone is before they join the order.

People of the Holy Order of Knights