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While illegal activities can happen In Character, such as drugs, underaged drinking, violence, etc, we do not want or encourage it out of character. This can include a great deal of things. If it is illegal in your country? Don't do it on an Out of Character level. We're here to have fun not do things that make others uncomfortable or involve dealing with people breaking the laws or something.

The punishment of these activities can vary from warnings to bans to taking legal actions such as calling police. In general, though, we're going to lean towards encouraging people who do things that are illegal or hurt others to leave. Sometimes we might even ban them to force the departure.

We're going to take complaints very seriously but we won't do blind punishment based on the word of one person because not everyone makes legitimate complaints. Of course, some logs of what is said can be very damning and could get a reflex action from staff. Most of us been in this hobby long enough to know people will make false accusations (just as RL people do). Since a text medium does not convey visual signs and tones people get when speaking of bad matters so hearing all sides is what we'll try to do. Atharia staff is human so it /is/ possible we'll jump to conclusions and decide a certain person is right and the other is not. We'll do our best not to do that and do our best to be as impartial as possible.

Some of the things we don't want to see on an OOC level that could fall under illegal activities are as follows, don't expect things to be limited to just these things:

  • Harassing another person - This is no fun for anyone and is very uncomfortable. We are not going to blindly accept the word of one person, we'll try talking to everyone involved. However, if we get multiple complaints about a person, we're going to ask the person harassing to willingly leave and if they don't, take appropriate actions. Multiple complaints about harassment are most likely to get someone banned with little to no warning. Harassing someone is just not acceptable.
  • Underaged Stuff - If anything that seems even remotely like it involves anything sexual or abusive with underaged characters (or players) it will be a ban. No if, ands, or buts. If you have to question if it is going to fall on something that involves underaged activities and whether it is okay, don't do it. No PC character will ever be under 18 and NPCing children isn't forbidden but also not supported. We get that some people like to puppet their character's children so we don't want to hinder that.
  • Hacking - If there is suspicion of hacking it will more than likely result into a ban. There is little benefit to hacking and it seems silly to ruin everyone's fun.