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We want to reward people for doing something that is a risk to their character (death is a last resort). It doesn't mean the risk has to always be a negative one. It can be positive. You could be a commoner who is considered a scandal and you dare to try and convince a high ranked noble to take you on as their Supporter. You know being a Supporter is a respected position so the reward could be considered great but the risk could also be very bad. Basically, what this means is that the greater the risk you take, the more likely you'll get an incentive, especially if it is a negative result. While XP can be rewarded we're going to look at doing IC incentives for the risks taken. So, for example, if you decide to be a leader who is a fanatic for Larthin and spends more of their time trying to win the approval of the petty First God than doing their duties as a Ruler of their noble house, you might get more attention from the God. Sure, you'll probably have unhappy members of the House you rule but your God showed you favor, totally worth it, right? This does not exempt you from consequences for your actions, be they good consequences or bad, but for the more risks you take, the more likely you'll get something in return, whether it is a good return or not is up to interpretations (Is having the most selfish of the Gods eyes on you really that great? Depends on your view).

Staff does need to be aware of the risks being taken to reward them, so do keep us appraised in some way. We can't award you for anything if we don't know you're doing it. It could be a request outlining what you're doing (AKA maybe you're praying, erecting a statue of your God in the middle of the family home, levelling land to build a throne for the God, trying to prove your love to someone that doesn't necessarily like you). a link to a log of what you did, catching an NPC to do the risk with them, etc. Keep in mind, staff gives a little leeway for NPCs but when it comes to a player PC do not keep pushing something on them that they express they don't like. If you are a character who 'bucks authority' back off if a player (not the character) asks you to stop around them. Everyone should be enjoying the RP not just one person. It doesn't have to be the 'most fun ever' just doing the best to make the RP at least a little enjoyable for all involved. We are aware not everyone likes the same things and keep that in mind when you're taking your risks. While you might think it is fun to charge into battle with no planning, the others involved might not. You don't need to discuss every detail but give a little heads up on your risk plan to your RP mates so they can opt out of it if it doesn't really appeal to them.