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Kingdom Sweepstakes is all about showmanship. For both the kingdoms and the people participating in it. Sure, there are prizes for the winners but the interest in who wins is on the lower side for the viewers, especially the heads of noble houses, are looking at the skill, expertise, and style. Participating in the Kingdom Sweepstakes is the highlight for all commoners. Nobles who take part are just doing it to show off what they can do and not for gains, unlike commoners.

For some Noble Family Heads the Kingdom Sweepstakes is how they decide who their Knight, Sages, and/or Baronet will be. Those who participate in the Kingdom Sweepstakes know very well they are expected to be over the top and very flashy to draw attention. It is not uncommon for a noble house to send several people to observe the participants, especially those who are skilled in the field of interest.

The events for social, mental, and physical prowess are spread out across several days and several times, allowing for plenty of time for people to show off their skills and the like.

The Kingdom Sweepstakes are usually hosted by the royalty of each kingdom and they have several time through out the year. The leaders of the kingdoms use these Sweepstakes as a way to show off their people to the other kingdoms. It often results in friendly (sometimes not so friendly) banter and gambling on who will prove to be the best, who will be chosen for a house and so on. The Kingdom Sweepstakes is very much social events to be at to make connections, see people not often seen, etc.