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Beachholde Crest.png

Ruler: Knight Zella Beachholde and David Beachholde (Spouse)

Heir: N/A

Kingdom: Choisi Kingdom

Typical Religion: Polytheism

House Colors: Green and purple

Coat of Arms: Four white arrows placed at each cardinal direction.

Motto: Fight fiercely but fairly.

Story: Beachholde is a very new Knighthood, the previous Knight of the Choisi Family and Kingdom had passed on. Zella was the Squire of the previous Knight of the kingdom, Knight Kris Riverbend. Zella has so far proven her skills and prowess in combat to Queen Missiah. Zella is a bit of an outlier for the Beacheholde family for they are typically navigator types over knightly. They are the people chosen to guide a ship through treacherous waters to the desired destination.

Family Hook: The navigation skills of Beachholdes are amazing and they typically create maps for people. Each family member is expected to design a map that is encoded, like it is a puzzle, and that map is passed to a family member to try and decode then go to where the map has a destination too. The 'puzzles' of these maps have varying difficulties and what is found at the end can be anything.

OOC NOTE: Beachholde history will be updated if need be, should they stop being a Knight. The reason Zella is no longer Knight will be listed.

Beachholde Family Tree

OOC: Names, ages, who has children, siblings, or spouses can be changed within reason. The only exception for names, ages, and spouses (children and siblings are fine) is the rulers and their heirs. Also keep in mind in the ages of the rulers when asking/wanting to be in a certain place or relationship. The traditional way of how a kingdom passes down a title also needs to be kept in mind. Contact staff for any changes you want to make in regards to names or ages. People with no names can basically be adjusted however.

  • Knight Zella Beachholde - Born: February 14, 1185
    • David Beachholde - Born: May 25, 1176
      • Child
      • Child
  • Master/Mistress Charlie Beachholde - Born: November 28, 1181
  • Mistress Brooke Beachholde - Born: October 26, 1191 (Retired)

People of the Family