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After the creation of mortals and creatures they began to grow and change. At first it was part of their daily lives to offer up thanks to their Gods for everything they are given, the animals, the air, the earth, the ability to grow food, and so on. The mortals expressed gratitude towards their Gods as they prospered.

However, Larthin; the First God, began to show signs of his very petty nature. If a mortal struck his fancy, male or female, he would take on his mortal form and seduce them, using the allure of his Godly nature to make them his. This often upset the spouses, should there be one, and broke up the relationship. It was not just relationships his pettiness extended too. If someone did an action he didn't like Larthin retaliated to an extreme amount. He rewarded very little and those that he did were to an extreme amount, making them quite blindly loyal to him.

This gradually caused the mortals to slowly worship this very petty God less and less. The worshipping of Mataya; the Second God, and Arion; the Third God became more pronounced, which angered Larthin. He, after all, should be the most important God. He created everything. Including the other Gods. His wrath of becoming forgotten quickly started to show. At first it was mild moments of famine for the people, or flooding their farm lands. The disasters, though, became more frequent and worse with each one. Arion and Mataya would ease up this actions with kinder gestures, such as making food appear or causing the flooded lands to be more productive.

When Larthin realized these actions were not changing the amount he was worshiped he spoke to the mortals, 'You have forgotten me. I will make you into nothing once more.' With that he took the lives of all the mortals, much to Mataya's dismay. She wept for the loss of the mortals she admired so much and watched grow.

Though her and Arion often did minor things against Larthin this would be the first time that Mataya showed true defiance, for she resurrected the mortals that Larthin took the lives of. She also spoke to the people but she said only one word, 'Live'. This one action and word caused the world to tremble and the 'light of the gods' around Mataya dimmed considerably, clearly such an action too much of her godly abilities and wound need to recover.

And so the mortals started living again but it didn't take long for Larthin to become even angrier that the mortals worshiped Mataya more than him. To the mortals he said, 'You may live but no longer than when I killed you the first time. You will keep repeating the same life over and over, unchanging. You will see your child die, your loved ones fall. You will never escape this endless cycle.'

This caused Mataya to weep more and fall to the ground in despair, which moved the Third God, who always held his 'twin' with the most beloved affection. He spoke very briefly to the mortals as he put a blessing upon them, 'Though Larthin curses you to live the same life over and over, I will grant some of you longer lives and all of you the ability to take an action that will change your next life, until you can figure out how to break the curse put upon you.' Similar to Mataya this caused the god-like aura that surrounded him to dim, as if taking some of his godly strength, but nearly as much as Mataya's dimmed.

Mataya, though, kept weeping bitter tears and from those tears as they hit the earth she lay upon crying a woman appeared, like Mataya and Arion she did not fit the mold of mortals but that of the three Gods. From the tears of Mataya and the earth another God was born. She touched Mataya's cheek and wiped away the tears then spoke her words reaching even the mortals, 'Beloved Mother, I will hold your pain inside of me and allow you to love even Grandfather once more. Though, you may cry tears of despair and despise towards him, I will keep taking the pain into me so that you do not fall so deep into it again. You will be able to help the mortals you love so much. With my birth they will fully understand how to feel, just as you do. Cry no more, Mother, and help your mortals seek what they need to know to break the curse placed upon them.'

Again Mataya spoke but one word, the name of her Child, 'Attia.' Attia became the Fourth God.

The words of Gods struck a cord within the mortals and all but the petty Larthin, who was still quite angered by the turn of events. Larthin scoffed and spoke to the mortals, 'My children are too forgiving but they wish to challenge me. I will allow some of you to remember your previous lives. Maybe you can figure out how to make up for what you have done, what you took from my children by being resurrected.'

The mortals, strove to find a way to break the curse placed upon them by Larthin, as they realized just worshiping him was no longer enough nor was worshiping the three other Gods enough. So, they strove to find the path that would allow them to end the curse of living over and over.

Leaders were chosen by the mortals, the ones that would guide them though their lives until the curse was broken. They could not do much more than reestablish life for themselves currently before they died again. Few lived longer than they did when Larthin killed them the first time but many died at the same age, which heralded in the next life for the people.

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