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Luminat Crest.png

Ruler: King Jaden Luminat and Queen Marissa Luminat (spouse)

Heir: Princess Rosalia Luminat

Ruling Family: Luminat Family

Kingdom Colors: Black and White

Kingdom Coat of Arms: Four red wild roses positioned at the four cardinal directions.

Kingdom Motto: Give your pain to us, we will ease it.

Patron God: Attia

Exports: Farmed goods, domesticated animals, processed goods (flours, milks, cheese, etc)

Imports: Wood, ocean gems, metals

Population: Approximately 5,500,000 people.

Capital City: Fairdale City


Land, Climate, and Building: Luminat lands are flat or with rolling hills, they don't have much for mountains. Much of it is devoted to farmlands or plains. Cities are built around the farmlands, making them part of the city. The climate of the Luminat lands is pretty average, no particular season is dominant. They generally have buildings that are rancher style and made to look good with the farm lands, drawing the eye without being the focus. (OOC example image included.)

About the people (Stereotypical): Lunimat Kingdom has very gentle and kind people. They believe that doing good is what will save them. They are always ready to give a helping hand, when asked. It may make people think them weak but it is a mistake never repeated. They are kind, giving, but fiercely protective and loyal of their people.

How Ruler is Determined: The people of Luminat have no preference on the gender of their ruler, they just need to know what they are doing. Though, typically it is the oldest child that is selected, no matter the gender. That doesn't mean their position can go unchallenged.

Story: Roark went towards the plains and fields. He thought that growing food, materials, and animals was the route to appeasing the Gods as they could be given as offerings. As it has been with all the kingdoms, Roark had people follow him with the belief he was the one who should have become Emperor. They built their towns, cities, and villages in a sprawling style of businesses and homes. Often in the middle of cities it would not be surprising to see a couple farms. They worked hard and spent as much time easing each others burdens as they did on their own matters. Those of Luminat, what the kingdom became called and the name Roark took as his surname, caught Attia’s attention with how they helped each other. She decided to bless them. Their heights varied and they took on a ghost like quality to them. Those of Luminat felt that these changes were to help them focus on providing for and helping others.

At the start of magic King Matias took over for Roark after Orion’s passing of old age. Matias witnessed the full establishing of the kingdoms, the Gods giving the mortals magic and then passed down, after retiring, his title to Queen Arleth whose title then passed down, upon Arleth's death, to King/Queen Aiden Luminat. At his death the current King, Kalem, started his reign and has been King since.

Holdings: The lands held by Luminat Kingdom and their rulers can be found here: Luminat Holdings

People of the Kingdom