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God Form: Masquerade is a slender, faceless figure that has no gender nor any distinguishing features. The color of its form varies but it always has a human looking figure. It is a very tall figure and will often lean towards being black and Gold, the favored colors of the First God. It does always have the scent of lavender to it.

God Glow: Masquerade’s God glow is lavender.

Mortal Form: Masquerade has no distinct mortal form, preferring to take whatever form it wishes. It can vary from being an animal to a person from one of the kingdoms. There are no tell-tale signs of Masquerade being a God, as it does not take on specific traits like the other Gods.

Personality: Masquerade has a helpful personality but it doesn’t let many get too close, as it prefers people to not know it is a God. It will always attempt to guide people down the right path, especially the Children of Gods. It is never clear, as all Gods are, to what it is that Masquerade wants. The Seventh God does, however, have a great fondness for mortals even if it doesn’t get too close to them.


  1. Larthin: Father
  2. Echo: Stepparent
  3. Mataya: Sister
  4. Ossian: Brother
  5. Attia: Niece
  6. Hilal: Nephew/Niece
  7. Soleil: Nephew/Niece
  8. Valeria Santua: Great-Niece (Attia’s child with a mortal)
  9. Liam Santua: Brother (Larthin’s child with a mortal)
  10. Kamala Divinus: Sister (Larthin’s child with a mortal)
  11. Ozymandias Luminat: Nephew (Ossian and Mataya’s child)
  12. Amahle Sunflower: Great-Niece (Attia’s child with a mortal)
  13. Taya Divinus: Sister (Larthin’s child with a mortal)
  14. Lilah Willowbrooke: Great-Niece (Soleil’s child with a mortal)
  15. Tai Farreach: Great-Nephew (Hilal’s child with a mortal)
  16. Ren Choisi: Brother (Larthin’s child with a mortal) - NPC with future plot plan.
  17. Drew Whitewater: Child (Masquerade's Child with a mortal)
  18. Rajani Luminat: Niece (Mataya’s child with a mortal)

Worship Expectations: Currently has no known worshippers.

Clergy Expectations: Currently has no known clergy.


  1. Ceremony of Guidance: The Ceremony is Guidance is conducted by a member of Masquerade’s clergy. It is to help ‘guide’ a person to ‘their correct path’, whatever that might be. It puts the person into a trance to help them find where they lost who they are. As the ‘Lost Soul’ is in the trance they relive the most life altering parts of their lives, good or bad, to help them find where it is they started to veer off who they were supposed to be. Alternatively, this ceremony can also show a person that they are indeed becoming who they are to be.
  2. Ceremony of Direction: The Ceremony of Direction can be used in various ways. It can be done by anyone but is most effective when it is by Masquerade’s clergy or a follower of Masquerade. It can be used to help someone find a person, animal, or object they have lost or for more abstract reasons like finding the reason they can not ‘love’ someone. The Ceremony of Direction is similar to the Ceremony of Guidance but it is far more diverse and not focused on just the individual.

OOC: Players are welcome to submit ceremony suggestions. We expect the name of the ceremony and details about it. Similar to how the already established ceremonies are done.

Special Note: Masquerade is the only Child of Gods that will be considered a Major God, the rest will be considered Minor Gods.

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