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Matchmakers are common for nobles and commoners alike. They are the people skilled at finding the most suitable match for two people. Matchmakers are part of the commoner groups that fall in the middle of commoner and nobility. They are highly respected but are not nobility. For many people, especially nobles, they are important people. A noble family that does not hire a matchmaker are often whispered about, as many believe that Matchmakers are the best at finding a suitable match. Commoners who don't use a Matchmaker are considered a mild scandal, but it is not nearly as big of a deal as nobility not using one. It is a small hubbub at best. They do not seek to make love matches, though, it can be factored into the decisions of who to match to who. Matchmakers are NOT used to find a Consort and someone who tries to use a Matchmaker for such a thing will always be refused by a Matchmaker. A match of love is far to personal of a matter for a matchmaker to handle.

A Matchmaker is not usually exclusive to any house, royalty often the exception, as they can do their job easier being able to work with multiple people. In fact, it would not be uncommon for a Matchmaker to have files on what each house wants for a potential marriage, so they can easier connect people. They, to note, are VERY protective of the information they have because to lose that is to betray the trust put in them to do what is right. A Matchmaker who loses their information on houses match wants faces the punishment of being a disgrace and will be unlikely to be hired again to do a match. They are not socially blocked out from anything it is just that they are unlikely to ever be chosen again to be a Matchmaker.

A matchmaker is mainly for setting up political matches between houses. A family Head or their second tells them what they want from a match and notes what are deal breakers for the family. The Matchmaker is then charged with finding a house that is seeking similar interests. They also deliver appropriate information to the Priests that will conduct the ceremony.

Current Matchmakers: