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It is a part of the setting that the people of Atharia have all lived past lives, or at least the majority of them. There are some exceptions who have not. For mortals it is considered a Curse to keep being reborn over and over again. Currently the majority of the people are on their third life. There are some exceptions, either by story purposes or by player request. As it has been said in the break down of 'classes' (+news classes), those considered noble are those who recall their previous lives and those who do not recall much, if any at all, are considered 'common'.

Actions of characters can change the next life they live. For example if Queen Missiah had no children in her first life but has some in her second life, she will recall she didn't have them in her first life. Each life is the same but different. Think of it as similar to the movies 'Ground Hog Day', '50 First Dates', or other types of shows along the same vein. In essence the actions taken by the character changes some aspects of their next life.

You're born and lead a similar life to your previous one but it is different. So, you could have been royalty in your second life but noble in your third because of something that happened. Elena might not be your mother anymore but in your current life you had an upbringing that mirrors your life as a prince. You get similar educations, you likely have the same siblings and the same parent but it is not Queen Elena that is your parent. Could be a 'Lady Elena' that is the parent but it is not Elena.

There is no 'length' to each life. It could go on for generations, this is to allow players to have some freedom in what they play in their next life. So, if the 3rd life goes through 6 generations, the 'active' time frame of that life can be any of those generations. If the majority of players would like to be in a period where Taya is Queen and Elena is retired/dead, we can dot hat. Just keep in mind Taya would become an NPC, as the Queens and Kings are only NPC. This also allows people to be the grandchildren of their PC if they would like and retire that PC.

An important thing to note is it is just the people that are reborn, not the world. So, there is entirely a chance for a commoner to recall their past lives and be noble in their next one. Atharia has ruins about the world so your common character could go exploring and discover a ruin that they once lived in/worked at/etc. This could trigger their memories of their past lives and thus making them noble when reborn. It is unlikely that they will become noble in their current life but it can be discussed.