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In the interest of working towards avoiding having families be islands of 1, we're going to put a light cap on how many can be in each family, both PCs and rosters count towards this. The number in each family is subject to increase or decease as needed, namely if the player base grows or shrinks. While commoners can float around as their own formed family, staff will create one or two 'official' commoner families. Nobles, however, are expected to join one of the noble families. No noble will ever be an island unto themselves. They are all part of a family even if they IC hate their family and spend as little time as possible with them.

At the moment we're having 1 Duchy, 1 March, 1 County, 1 Viscounty, and 1 Baron under each of the 4 kingdoms. While there is plenty more of them as NPCs those are the PC ones, at the moment. That means there is 4 kingdoms, 4 Duchies, 4 Marches, 4 Counties, 4 Viscounties, and 4 Baronies. Each Kingdom will start with a Baronet, a Sage, and a Knight family for the Royals, leaving the other noble houses the freedom to appoint their Knight Sage, and Baronet.

The current amount for each household is 10 PCs and rosters. This is subject to change as needed. Exceptions will likely be made if there is no family head as a PC. The Kings and Queens will never be PCs.