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There are a lot of positions of power in Atharia. Direct heirs to families and kingdoms, titled nobles, Archbishops, Second in Command for Courtesans, etc. Some have rosters, some have PCs, and some have NPCs. No position of power is 'locked' to a specific person. For example, if you want to become the Archbishop of Mataya, who has a PC Archbishop, you can work towards putting yourself into that position. It has to be backed by a lot of RP because you are, essentially, taking something another player claimed and wanted away from them. Some positions are held by an NPC and that NPC can be removed too.

There are some positions of power that are permanently NPC. You /can/ take over that position but your character would become an NPC and be placed under staff control over yours. Permanent NPC positions of power staff will steer players from trying to take the position because, when possible, the taking away a PC will be avoided. All attempts to take over a permanent NPC position needs to have a +request put in stating that you wish to take it over and are aware that you will lose your PC if successful. The positions permanently NPC are, subject to be added too:

  • The Kings and Queens
  • The Head Courtesan
  • Gods, including Child of Gods PCs that ascend. So, if you aren't ready to give up your character, don't ascend.

When attempting to take a position from a PC do discuss with them if the ideal appeals to them. Respect their wishes and don't take their position from them if they don't want it to be taken or would not have fun with your challenging them. You can look towards another angle if they really don't want to go the vying for power thing. We will absolutely support all plans to 'take over' something, provided PCs involved all want it to happen. NPCs in positions of power are more filler so they are easier to 'remove' since staff is all for allowing players to have their dreams over holding a position by NPCs.

You can absolutely take a position of power from a staff alt. Staff is more likely to let go of their position for you but they don't have to just give it up. Like with player PCs discussion and RP needs to happen with the staff alt. It is their PC, after all. Not all staff members share their PC alts, they only need to make their NPCs clear, so even if you know that X staffer has a PC in Y position of power, treat taking that position from them like they aren't a staff alt: Open the discussion of claiming the spot and if they are interested in letting it go, make lots of RP about vying for it.

Basically: Go for attempting to claim a position but don't be a dick, OOCly, about how you do it.